Gaming drought

So, aside from playing BF2 on the interweb, I have found myself in a gaming void. I have nothing good to play. So, enlighten me on what I should play. I have made my way through GTA San Andreas and I find just driving around a bit dull. Also I’d like something pretty and demanding to pleasure my computer with.

(re)play HL² - this time on “hard” and without cheats :stuck_out_tongue:

what kind of game do you like? shooters? hack’n’slay like diablo? jump’n’run? :stuck_out_tongue: point’n’click? :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:

HL2 perhaps, good idea.

FarCry? bit old, but fun. That or just watch weebl over and over.

yeh, i’m currently re-playing HL² IN the week, and Sacred: Underworld on my weekend…
this way, even the SHORT HL² takes some days to finish, and on weekends i have much time for the BIG sacred game… :iagree:

Done that already: Easy = Done without cheats, Normal = Done without cheats, Hard (Hard really dont say how hard that was!) = Done without cheats.

You could try WoW or PlanetSide. If you wanner give PS a go, I can send you a 10-day buddy key thing.


i’m currently trying to get all “G-Man-scenes” in HL² - so i’m just playing on normal atm, but i always keep my eyes open and my “screenshot-button” ready to prove that the g-man is a member of the rebels and NOT sent from the government… :wink:

I am also in a void. I just finished San Andreas about a week ago, and I also just finished re-playing Republic Commando last night. I’m thinking about getting Swat4, that’s all I can think of now.

Playing GunZ: The Duel. Not the best graphics… just normal. Just playing it with some mates now :slight_smile:

looks like old classic ut engine…
never heard of that before, might be a insider-tip or might be a bad game… :wink:

Yeah, I thought the same thing (about the engine). HL or UT. Not sure… It’s a new game though. Testing, and is pretty fun. I’m only lvl 4 though… :(. But if anybody here starts playing, we can be noobs together ;), since you can add friends and stuff.

uhm, it looks so bad, i cannot give me the kick to d-load the 131 MB here in the office (on a 2MBit connection, 'coz @ home i only have 56k modem)… :wink:

I’m only playing cause I’m sick of all my other games and that is like… one of the only games that can run on my computer :stuck_out_tongue:

Sim City 2000. That game rocks. Not as basic as Sim City 1 where you can barely do anything, but without all the useless crap in 3000 and 4. Could play that for hours.

Could always try something different like Mutant Storm, Space Tripper or Trackmania Sunrise, as they are all good at killing boredom.

PC Games only?


Boiling Point: Road to Hell (FPS)
Painkiller (Black Edition, FPS)


F.E.A.R. demo
Rome Total War: Barbarian Invasion demo

of course, or is there any compareable alternative available atm? :wink:
me_still_hates_consoles :bigsmile:

I agree. :iagree:

Too scared :o

FPS-wise… no. Unless you’d like Halo 2. It’s not that bad.
RTS should never be on a console as well.
But platform, adventure and all other kinds run pretty smooth on a console.