Gametime! Includes kitten and sharp objects!



Its one of those times again! Yes I know you have longed for yet another thread in which to post all your glorious highscores! So, lets get ready, to…

Shoot kittens out of a cannon!

I start with my best to date (played it for three minutes)


yeh, that’s a really great game!
i like animals - BUT I HATE CATS! :iagree:
now, always when i feel bad, i’ll play it… (saved it for offline use… :wink: )
ps: only got 937 ft , but i’m getting better… :wink:

edit: anyone can beat this? (not the highscore, it’s just one from one of my offline tries :wink: i mean the distance ) :smiley:


Lol 1337 ft. I am so elite :smiley:
Damn 12 ft. Maximum elevation and zero power? I must beat that!

Crap. Got 13ft


Poor pussy :sad:


Argh :eek:


cool game :cool:




first try :slight_smile:


Here is mine






It’s about damn time I got a score worth posting. Still can’t catch Dee… :bow:


still trying… :wink:
and 25.409 cats later, i still don’t get Dee :wink:


My Scores :slight_smile:


Dammit, I just posted this in the longest thread, oh well, here’s mine.


:bow: :bow: :bow: :bow:


Swine :eek: I just got 2067ft and thought that’s the highest and when I scrolled down …


and the lowest I’ve got


Well it took more than one try :stuck_out_tongue: And it was really lucky it hit like 3 bombs in a row right after launch.


I know what you mean, I didn’t see much of the kitten until it landed :eek: