GameStop pulls Zune from its shelves

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Since Microsoft launched its Zune portable media player November 2006 as its rival to the iPod, it sold 1 million players by mid 2007 and recently just past the 2 million sales mark. The iPod…

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What if Microsoft was to incorporate a flashlight into the next Zune? Or a laser pointer? No, wait. A death ray. Yeah, I’d definitely sign up for something that had a death ray built in. Hell, you could even forego the MP3 player part and just sell the death ray. I gotta go work out a catchy jingle for the commercial…

If they could put a diesel smoke generator in it, I would wear it on my back when I rode my bicycle, just to piss of the environmentalists.

What they need to do is give a Zune away with every computer purchase. That’ll kill the competition!

They could call the Zune “iphone” and design it like a cross-over between cellphone and pda. Ah, no - that’s been done… Wait, wait, they could make the Zune DRM-free. Ah, no - that’s impossible for them… Ok, then I vote for the proposed death ray unit.

Maybe they incorporate a lower version of windows Vista into it! Maybe not, it will probably need updates periodically and rebooting while listening to music. I own a Zune and hate the frigging thing. Sign me up for death ray version… :d

i am hoping they would just open up the zune theres games for it now but they need to do more with it like web browsers to make the wi-fi feature worthwhile, some basic file sharing for ANY type of file, and also a way to use it as an external hard drive

Who cares about the Zune? Let it die.

There’s another reason I don’t see mentioned too often about both the Zune and Xbox marketplace that keep me from even considering a purchase of a zune: points. Points instead of prices to hide the true price. Sure, it wouldn’t be so bad if 100 points = $1.00, but a song costs 79 points which equals 99 cents. And you have to buy a minimum of 400 points according to wikipedia. So then you’ll most likely always have a few points left over you’ll never use. May only be worth a few cents, but still extremely annoying to me.