Gamestop jacks up Wii MotionPlus price

I just posted the article Gamestop jacks up Wii MotionPlus price.

If you need an extra Wii MotionPlus peripheral, don’t go to Gamestop.

The video game retailer is selling the MotionPlus, an add-on that boosts the precision of the Wii Remote, for $5 more…

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They jack up the prices of everything they sale. So what’s new? I won’t shop there hell Best Buy is cheaper than Game Stop or Game Crazy.

Next months headline: Gamestop … the next victim of the GFC …

Gamestop rips you off w/ used game prices, Best Buy scams consumers and their customer service is crap…the only good place to shop is Walmart…lol

If only Wally Word sold used games, we’d be set.