Gamestop finally has enough Wiis

I just posted the article Gamestop finally has enough Wiis.

After three years of shortages, Gamestop’s supply of Wii video game consoles is catching up to demand, to the point that the retailer is no longer worried about having enough.

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2 years… it hasn’t been available for 3 years yet !

WTF LMAO why don’t they talk about being stuck on Nintendo NAR program for the last 3 years, yes this is the third year now from 2006 to 2009 and beyond. Nintendo will never allow any retailer in the USA EVER!!! to order as they please anymore . Face it stop giving refunds and maybe Nintendo will finally allows us to fkin or. As Nintendo does not have this moronic use and return crap in Europe. Hence why retailers there are not on Nintendo’s NAR program.

NAR = Nintendo Auto Replen

CD freaks mods are you guys afraid of making a story on NAR??

Also another factor is the EURO !!! it is 1.65 over the US dollar where do you think Nintendo is going to sell to first??