GameSpy Arcade

Are there any other players out there ??

I have no idea what you are talking about so I picked other :wink:

Originally posted by dansmug
I have no idea what you are talking about so I picked other :wink:

It’s a method of finding players online. See

it is really bad unles it has significantly improved in the last few versions.

anyway, nowdays i only play on UT online, and i use UT’s own server thing. come to think of it, a bit of UT right know wouldn’t go a miss :slight_smile: l8er

it is nice…but most programs…like global ops and mohaa have their own server tools (without ads)

i like gamespy3d better, or some other pogram, because arcade just simply runs too slow, ie after returning from a game.

Just buy it, it ain’t that expensive :stuck_out_tongue: , tho i can file it on company expensives :slight_smile:

After playing 4 hours of Return to Castle Wolfestein (beach level that is) , i must say the multiplayer options of the GameSpy network are quite nice. So i’ve also bought a lifetime registration.

Too bad , i’m not a US citizen, otherwise i would have a free subscription to some computer magazine as well.

Unfortunately i’m not that good with shoot’em’ups when there are real people in play. It seems i miss all the time :slight_smile: (Happens a LOT in Counterstrike)

ive used gamespy a couple of times but it just too much trouble to get into a game. when i can start the game i want to play and just hit multiplayer. gamespy takes too long to get around to actually start playing

I like it. My friends and I never bother to move our computers so we can have a Lan anymore.
With Gamespy (or the all-seeing eye), we just hook up and get creamed by the 14-year old players with way too much time on there hands. (Must have since they are so extreamly good)


The funny thing is I think Gamespy Arcade is absolute and utter crap. It crashed on my machine, had loads and loads of annoying ads and I found that it lied to me as well. It would say that a game had say 5/10 slots used then I join and it says it is full I come out and refresh it still says 5/10 wtf?

On the other hand Gamespy3D is damn good and I love to use it. I find Gamespy3D is in most cases far superior to in game tools for joining/finding games.

I too bought a lifetime license to Gamespy3D it cost me $15.00. So sweet no ads with the registered version, and nice autoupdates ages before the free one is ready for download.

For any true gamer I highly recommend it :smiley: