Gameshark2 v1.2 problem?

Im having trouble with loading my backup games because of gameshark. When I load gameshark2 v1.2 and go to start game on the main menu, the disk tray opens by its self. I have no mods, and only the gameshark2 v1.2 disk. I need to know if there is a way to stop it from opening by its self, so i can swap the disks.

If memory serve me right I think there is a gameshark forum online that you might be able to ask for assistance or email them or check their FAQ to see what if you problem has been addressed by them.

thanks for the reply i didn’t think anyone else was going to.

NP, I used to have a gameshark as well but haven’t used it in so long. Most time I just play pc games now cause of the cost for game consoles are pretty expensives also true of pc games and also there are games that are just made for consoles as well so that where the gameshark comes in handy.