Hi all im a newbe to this website. I have anydvd and it works great i would like to no if i can back up games also. I have x-box games i’d like to back up i have not try it yet or do i need something new to do that.

Anydvd is only for video- dvds and audio cds.

Anydvd won’t cloneCD might? Alcohol 120 will from what I heard, [B]note just what I heard.

Sorry to disappoint, but CloneCD, Alcohol 120, … cannot backup X-BOX or X-BOX360 games. You need modded boxes and special readers (with modded firmware) and special software on the PC.

Welcome to the forum michigan man, AnyDVD does not backup anything even movies. All it does it decrypt them. You need a ripping application and a burning application to do this, like CloneDVD or CloneCD. It will not however work with games. I believe Alcohol120% might work with some games and as Tru has posted, you will need other things to backup your X-Box or X-Box 360 games.:iagree:

Thanks Tru, I didn’t know bor sure but now I do. :bigsmile:

Michigan man -

Welcome to the Forum.

As both Forum Members Tru & alan1476 have stated it is not an easy task to backup X-Box Games.

The below Forum posting might prove to be helpful to you ->

There are other Forum posting concerning backing up X-Box Games. You will have to use the Forum “Search” and research the topic of X-Box Games.


As an aside, while it doesn’t help you backup games it does (or at least did, I haven’t tried recently) make some SecuROM 7-protected games throw a fit (‘emulation software detected’ message) even when the original disc is in.

That’s only if you have any virtual drives enabled. If you have any enabled at all, disable them (this includes daemon tools or any residual drivers left by old versions).

With Clonecd, merely run clonecdtray and check, then uncheck “hide cdr media”.

I have seen no issues with Securerom 7+ games on four systems with both clonecd and alcohol 120% on them.

hey michigan man go to for all your xbox and 360 needs you dont need a modchip to backup your games and you can burn them to the hard drive and xbox and the pc will never be reconised HOWEVER you can transfer files via a ftp form then make an iso and burn it BUT sign up for this free website and look for XBOXHQ4LIFE or DJB or FH or fianly gus738 :iagree: