Games X Copy (321 studios)

Games X Copy (321 studios)
can any one help me with the best settings for manual settings as i dont seem to ba able to copy some games i own.
Red alert 2 & yuris revenge to name 2.
i have copied these before using clone cd and they worked ok, but copies now damaged, my kids been using as frizbies.
Mr raffles

Check out this thread here and you may find out why.

Kamikazee did a good run through of the program and bascially found out that it isn’t very good at all. It seems to have been a rushed job from development to out of the door.

Probably not want you wanted to here. But thats the way it go’s sometimes.
You may want to try out a different piece of software to get some working copies.

Your best bet to try and salvage your purchase would to be to head over to 321 Studio’s website and look for information there. Or you will probably have better luck posting on their forums.
AFAIK there are only a couple people around here who have even tried it and as Womble said the news did not sound good.