Games won't install!

Recently I bought a copy of Max Payne 2 (copied version), tried to install it and got the error message;

Component: Main
File Group: Main
File: D:\
Error: Data error (cyclic redundancy check).

I contacted tech support, followed all their suggestions and nothing worked. I got the same error message.

Today I bought GTA: Vice City (an original copy), tried to install it and got almost the same error message;

Component: GTA: Vice City
File Group: App Executables
File: D:\
Error: Data error (cyclic redundancy check).

I talked to a friend and they said that it was probably because of my CD-ROM drive (a Philips DVD+RW SDVD6004 with driver version 5.1.2535.0) What can I do?
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The first thing is not to do is buy copied games. It is illegal and you won’t get any help on this forum about them.

If you hadn’t said that you bought GTA: Vice City then I would have said you that you have two bad copies and then told you it serves you right.

However I won’t. Actually I will about Max Payne 2.

The Error: Data error (cyclic redundancy check) is bascially saying that the file has been corrupted. If these where both copied then I would say whoever you bought them from dosen’t know how to copy properly. It does seem strange that the original game and the copied game are coming up with the same error.

The first thing to do is snap the copied disc in half and put it in the bin.

The second thing to do is try the original disc in another computer. If the same thing comes up then you have bad discs. So simply take the game you bought back to the shop and get a refund or exchange. If not then it comes down to something on your computer.

Buy the originals, try again and if it still doesn’t work, then you can post it here.

Based on what you wrote, you don’t own the originals and are thus violating our forum rules.

Case (and topic) closed.