Game's up, Entertaiment and Livingroom Forum merged again



As you might have seen, we have decided to merge the Game’s up and Livingroom forum again. The reason is that we think that we have enough grown up people again to make this work and to give the Livingroom a boost in activity. Afterall the Livingroom forum itself is the place to be when it comes to discussing other things than just electronics!

We hope everyone enjoys the change, however it is an experiment, if it doesn’t work out properly, we can revert the change again.

Posts do count again, but for the sake of performance I don’t let the forum software run a postcount update, as it take a lot of server performance and time.


WOW how Manley of you Chaps ,to say We are Grown up,My kid`s might not agree :wink:


humm am i a grown up person?? oh well…either way…i like it…