Games under linux

which distro will allow windows based games & apps to run under linux ?

i am new to linux, configuring stuff myself or recompiling kernel scares me to death :slight_smile:

ps : if its freely available for download then its god sent :slight_smile:

WINE is used, generally. there is also a group working hardcore exclusively on getting games to work well on linux, but they have a registration fee. Wine is free, however.

of course, you have to configure it. best of luck, and feel free to post back about that, as i know a few freaks here have gotten it to work for them.

Well if you really want to play Windows games on Linux, WineX seems to be the best shot. This is based on WINE, as mentioned by ckin2001, but it is not free.

The good thing to this program is the fact that it acts as a layer between DirectX and OpenGL (used by Linux). Besides that, it β€œreplaces” the windows API.

You can check their website (compatibility lists and such) on

few Q…

  1. for wine, do i need a working windows version on same pc ??

or i can use wine on pc with only linux.

  1. is it better to recompile from source or use the rpm package ?

rpms are better, in my opinion, given that they are for your distro. much easier to update etc.

wine -

from the intro page -

Think of Wine as a Windows compatibility layer. Wine does not require Microsoft Windows, as it is a completely alternative implementation consisting of 100% Microsoft-free code