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Is BW5 mostly for Games or can it be used for Doing a BackUp of My DVD Movies!!! OR…are other Progys like Nero etc., far better for backing Up DVD Movies…Hope to have an Answer Soon…
Thank You…


you can backup any film that is not protected and under 4.7 gb with blindwrite hwever for anything else (which is almost everything) you will need specialist tools.

You need to strip them first of their protection, then shrink them down to a size that can be burnt on current media. Take a look in the trancoding forum and you will learn esy ways to do it.


THANK YOU Hburrows83 for answering my Question…It is Appreciated…I use Decryptor n Shrink n was looking for a Good/Best Progy to Burn/Copy…at moment i use Nero…


IMO the easiest, quickest and best looking (my eyes anyway) is cloneDVD and anyDVD.

Anydvd is a driver that runs in the background all the time silently until you insert a dvd. Then it removes all the protection, restrictions etc and so can be copied using clonedvd. Here you only need to click about three buttons and away you go. 25mins later you have a perfect copy of a film.

Doesn’t get much simpler than that, however they do cost money. But they are well worth it, as nothing is as easy or quick.

Take a look in their respective froums to find out a lot more.

Hope this helps