Games on CDrw



can i copy games onto a CDRW disk just to see wether they can be run or not. if yes, are there any hangups about this process ie any at all. also is a CDRW disc sealed anytime or you can write on it again and again until it gets physically damaged ??


Using a CD-RW is a good thing if you want to test if you can copy copy-protected cds, so you don’t waste any CD-Rs.

What do you mean by ‘sealed’? A CD-RW can be formatted so you can use it over and over again, untill it is physically damaged.


i have never used a CDRW in my life. i plan to start now. i was not aware about how it actually works. but thanks anyway. this is good news for me.


Some games, eg Max Payne, require an 80’ disc; just don’t go using 650 MB CD-RW for everything - read the links in my signature for tips :wink:


No you can ALWAYS erase a CDRW, unless it’s got scratches or soemthing. The only downside I see in using CD-RW’s to put games on is that you have to write to them at a lower speed and a lot of cd-rom/dvd/rw read cdrw slower than cd-r or pressed media.


Yup - format for packet writing; erase the (formatted) disc to write to it like a CD-R - that’s why the erase function is in CloneCD :smiley:


I always use CD-RW discs first when backing-up a disc I haven’t back-upped before and when doing reviews for the Freaks. Saves a lot of CD-R’s :wink: I have some 700MB Infiniti CD-RW’s that work fine :stuck_out_tongue:


> No you can ALWAYS erase a CDRW, unless it’s got scratches or soemthing.

Take a plextor, copy a Key2Audio-CD onto a CD-RW and try to erase it with another drive (which can’t read Key2Audio)…you won’t be able to erase it, if the drives hangs.