Games not running!

Yesterday I purchased a GeForce 2 MX400. I am using ExperTool along with it (speeds up core clock).

Everything used to work perfect. Now I turn it on and some games wont start. I couldn’t start Renedage, Grand Theft Auto 3, or MOHAA. There is just very little hard drive activity in the beggining and then it stops and doesn’t load. I don’t know what the problem can be so I need help here! Any suggestions will do. I’ve also tried 2 different drivers.

What OS are you running. All of these games require DirectX version 8.1 . It sounds as if your version of directX could have been damnaged. I would suggest that you reinstall directX 8.1 and give it a shot, and as always make sure that you have th latest drivers for the card.

overclocking can make the video card crash…

Could be the config files if the games were installed prior to your new gfx board…

I think I’ve figured out the problem. When using ExperTool (a videocard configuration program), it displayed that the DirectX version is 0. I’m pretty sure that not normal, right? :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

I’ll try downloading a new version of DirectX.

Ive that videocard as well. No problems with Mohaa. But Ive, like you, with GTA3

look to this checklist for GTA3. especially point 7…

I’ve got GTA3 to work (check the “GTA3 is addictive” post).

And I’ve also got the rest of my games to work (reformatted hard drive, seriously!)