Games... 5 CDs (ut2k4) to 1 DVD

Hi, all. I was one of those who purchased UT2k4 on 5 CDS because I couldn’t wait for the DVD and now I regret it-- it takes a REALLY long time to install with all the disc switching. Yesterday I ordered a DVD burner and now I want to copy those 5 discs to the DVD.

The problem is this:

How do I copy them properly without the installer asking me to insert a new CD everytime it finishes with the previous? Is there a special directly structure that the installer follows to check whether required files exist?

Please advise, and thanks in advance.

The only thing you can do is to burn image files of the CDs onto the DVD as data. You can then mount them as needed.

However, as this DVD will not pass the check for copy protection, you will be required to insertyour original play CD or (i’m not allowed to tell you ) include a crack for the game on the DVD.
You will still need your original CD-Keys to play /etc.

Oops, I thought he wanted to play off the DVD as well. My mistake.

All you have to do is copy all of the files off all of the install discs on to your hard drive.
Keep the files in the same directories they were on the cd’s and then copy that to a dvd…

I have done this and it works.

  • Mike