Gamers using Windows 8 more often than regular users - beats Vista

I just posted the article Gamers using Windows 8 more often than regular users - beats Vista.

Windows 8 is popular with gamers as 8.76% of the Steam users are running the operating system. For average computer users Windows 8 has a market share of 2.26%.

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But more research is needed in this be sure to eliminate mistake and get to the real data track.

Participation in the survey is optional, and anonymous but gives a nice insight in market shares.

Sounds good but this type of survey is representative in part to Steam user and since its anonymous and the same person could vote more then once-we won’t know for sure. Thus skewing the results good or bad. But generally W8 has a creditability problem to overcome.

It reveals that Windows 7 is still by far the most popular operating system, it’s used by almost 70% of the gamers.
Another startling info as well but never mentioned on this posting…

I wouldn’t call 7’s continued popularity “startling”, as I completely expected it. But, that’s just me.

All this proves is these users “BOUGHT” a gaming box… with win8 built-in… if the users had to CHOOSE an operating system… most would not upgrade… there is no benefit to W8 at the moment. Not even direct-x 12…

Or bought an upgrade edition of windows 8 … depending on how old that survey was, the gamers may have been running the win8 beta, or RC edition …

Avid gamers are interested in maximum framerates, and Many have been interested in performance of their rig under windows 8.

I know that amd drivers from 12.3 to 12.11 caused my win8 install to not work

Also, gamers are commonly much more aware of hardware and software development than the average consumer …

Good point debro but you also forgot to mention that a lot of gamers build their own gaming box.

[QUOTE=CharmedonWB;2676250]Good point debro but you also forgot to mention that a lot of gamers build their own gaming box.[/QUOTE]Close.
Gamers continuously rebuild their rigs :wink:

Gamers continuously rebuild their rigs ;)[/QUOTE]

But also keep stable O/S that works and they can customize…and keep stable with their GPU…

[QUOTE=CharmedonWB;2676250]Good point debro but you also forgot to mention that a lot of gamers build their own gaming box.[/QUOTE]

I was a hardcore gamer but since works take alot of time for 2 jobs that went to the wayside but I still occasionally game when I have time. But for me it was Stable O/S and HQ GPU and good components that worked together. Research is the basic to begin to be a hardcore gamers you know what you want and what works with what hardware to get the best performance for the money you spend and that isn’t cheap money or cheap hardware for that matter. If the O/S is flaky and can’t be customized then it is garbage. Quad core is good to have but unless the game uses Quad or 8 core that can waste more power then it helps as well. But if you want it then go for it but your Game won’t use it - it comes down to CPU GHZ and GPU speed that will win for you besides RAM as well. Those three working in harmony will always best factory made unless it’s a customized game rig but regular store bought won’t be able to compete.

Microsoft wishes W8 is popular with any group.

As always, canaries in the coalmine with cash to burn…
Not even Microsoft is touting Win8 as being MORE stable than Win7…
For Gaming or anything else… if they did it would be a lie.

I do have games that punt when trying to run on W7 aka Age of Empires III. I still love this game but W7 balks and says hey what are you trying to do. Be nice if they made a newer Age of Empires IV but I doubt it. I played Neverwinter Nights 2 and expansion on W7 and love it for Dx11 and extra performance and heating the whole house as well… lol… But XP was my old gaming setup before going W7. Just some old games that worked with XP will no longer be able to work with W7. Oh well…But NVN2 and a recent one Avencast is my next journey… :doh: Oh, and I don’t WOW or other games requiring online payments that to me just kills the fun of the gaming and having fun…

Aoe3 runs on windows 7, run as administrator, and turned off themes, and win xp compatibility.