Gamers help Valve and FBI catch Half Life 2 code thieves

I just posted the article Gamers help Valve and FBI catch Half Life 2 code thieves.

 This is a bit unusual, it seems the  online gaming community pitched in and helped track down two suspects for the  Seattle area FBI Cyber Crime division. It only begins to make...
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What a load of caca! :frowning: It was Valve who intentionally released part of Half Life 2 source code and then cry foul of theft. The stunt helps them to some much needed publicity. Also, it gives them more time to FINISH the source code instead of their arrogant assertion that the game will be ready for last Xmas season… Half-life 2 is a piece of fecal material anyway…Those who “steal” it have too much time on their hands… [expletives modified]
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What’s happened to Half Life 2? At last years E3 no one could stop talking about it but this year it didn’t get half the attention it got last year. Has it deteriorated that much since last year?

i seriously question the integrity of people who rubbish a game that has not yet been released. How do you kow that game is crap? It may well be crap, but it may be game of the year, we don’t know because NOBODY has seen the final product. I hope we all know by now that a game engine is not the be all end all of a game. Anyway, back to the topic, I too am skeptical about the alleged stealing of source code, although news posts like this certainly increases the credibility of the theft claims. There is no fire without fuel. If it is true, then I hope they release how the online actually helped out, asit may spur others on to do likewise in the future.

Frankly, I hadn’t heard of a deliberate leak. It would seem that if that were the case then Valve would be in hot water having people arrested around the world. This story is all over the Internet now if you google it. It looks to be legitimate. Still no details as to how they backtracked to the ones responsible. However, one story indicates it was some hackers at a competing game company, that stole the code. This should be very interesting as details emerge. Let’s see what develops.:d

Why would you need more publicity for the most anticipated game of all time? ::

It’s a fools game to think they intentionally released the source code. Kind of like people who wish to entertain the thought of the US not landing on the moon or something of the like. Just as emocean said, it is the most anticipated game of all time, so it doesn’t need the added publicity.

See this link for more info. A few days my butt. I know enough about the hl2 community to know that those drooling morons couldn’t find their butt with a detailed map and direction, much less anyone smart enough to get into VAlve’s network and make off with the source code. I really doubt they found the right perp(s). Most likely the intruder used hacked machines as proxys, and it’s trivial to upload some incriminating material on the gateway machine to pin the blame on some poor patsy.

"Authorities have arrested some suspects "…this is troubling. I thought you just took in suspects for questioning and ARRESTED crimminals…would someone from gooberland enlighten me ???..:X

Last time I checked when did Gamers started narcing people over leaks? Hahahahah… :X All I can say, if you all is reading this and live in the states… Just say these simple words when they bust down the door… " I TAKE THE 5TH BIoTCH " and also don’t SIGN anything. :S

June, 10 2004 '“ HL2 officials and staff were jailed for 15 days due to the withholding a game from store shelves. In a few days local authorities will schedule a public beating of high level managers and CEOs. Investigators say that a game production delay is a book example of pure laziness. Authorities are not revealing names of most lazy employees, families will be notified first. :d

…then there are occcasions like this which make me proud to be Non-American!:g

@slyder2 “Game developer Valve Software said in a statement Thursday that arrests has been made in “several countries,” and lauded video game fans for providing thousands of tips that helped lead to the arrests.” If you live in a country with politicians and if you live in a country that uses money, then you are in the same boat as anyone else - US or whatever. With very few exceptions. Just different punishments I guess.
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Really my friend? Sitting there in front of your computer running an American made CPU with an American OS using the internet linked up using hardware made by Cisco. Oh and when you get sick no doubt you will pop a pill made by some US pharmaceutical company. Think about it, your life would be a whole lot more boring without America so don’t go slandering America :stuck_out_tongue: Btw, i’m not even American but I’m just glad i’m not from the middle east.

That means they arrested themselves!

You hack… you get caught… you go to jail. Enuf with the conspiracy theories, there are millions of insecure networks out there and new hacks are being thought up all the time without the public becoming aware of the new holes because they go unpublished for months.