Gamer sues Microsoft over Xbox Live points fraud

Gamer sues Microsoft over Xbox Live points fraud.

[newsimage][/newsimage]A Pennsylvania man has filed a class action lawsuit in the District Court of Pennsylvania against Microsoft, claiming the company hs exposed Xbox Live subscribers to point fraud when shopping online using Xbox Live.

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Dumbest part about this lawsuit is that you aren’t paying for a download specifically… you’re paying for the right to download. Whether or not the download happens, you click the button accepting that you want it. If it fails, you can download it again, for free…

this seems pretty lame. you’re paying for the license and what not? If you’re having issues with the download, just download it again.

if you don’t want it, don’t click the purchase…

I hope microsoft goes back and countersues this idiot for the money they’ll have spend on legal fees.

the guy seems to be trying to get money out of companies. downloads are noted as being unable to return/refund. he can download again for free.