Gamer buys $26,500 virtual land - BBC



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Thats freaky, cool and worrying all at the same time. How much can he count on earning on this investment?
And its just insane. Did I mention insanity?
And how do you pay taxes on this? If you earn stuff by selling, wont the taxman come then? Taxman? :slight_smile:


3 words

Very sad life



coughwhat a geekcough


how sad. that money could have been better spent


@Deathifier, my bank-account is 3100 264 297


WOW bet he’s “cool” i’m sure all his cyber “friends” will be impressed…


…for like a day.


Ok after reading up on the game I have realised that its not the worst idea to buy this island. There are hundereds of thousands of people playing this game and if he charges them real money for them to be able to gather resources from this island he is bound to make some money.


What is really sad is that the money spent on this imaginary island could have been better spent doing something more constructive. Imagine how many textbooks or computers this money could have bought for the local schools in his area, or the mouths he could have fed and/or clothed…etc. This is one sad and lonely person.


@Deathifier, charge’em $15 a month and you will be a millionaire


By accident I ran into this thread (don’t visit this part much) and saw my name…so I felt I had to reply…

How this is taxed depends on the country you live in…
Some countries tax capital gains…others don’t. Some countries might see this as some kind employment income, others don’t…

A simple answer cannot be given, it all depends on the facts and circumstances as a whole…and I have too little information to give an answer here (this is what you will often hear from a tax advisor :wink: )


Do you have to pay tax on virtual items for the game?, did he pay tax for the island?

Ben :slight_smile:


Still sick people pay so much for something you cant even touch