GameJackel Released

GameJackal v3.1.1.0 released
Release v3.1.1.0 - release (2008-09-08 )

  • Improved profiling speed.
  • A further fix to the bug that could cause the Securom message “Unable to authenticate original disc within time limit” to appear (re-profiling will be required).
  • The following is a list of some of the major changes and additions since the last retail release (v3.0.1.6) of Game Jackal :-
    a) Performance and Reliability wizard. This wizard will help new and existing users troubleshoot problem profiles.
    b) Major driver updates and enhancements to improve performance and reliability.
    c) New Securom algorithms to improve profile reliability (“Conflict with Emulation software” messages should be greatly reduced).
    d) Tages support.
    e) Improved compatibility between Game Jackal and AnyDVD.