GameJackel BETA Released

GameJackal - beta

Release v3.0.1.8 - beta (2008-05-25)

[li]Driver performance and reliability improvements.[/li][li]Fixes to the AnyDVD pausing functionality. AnyDVD now re-enables now after a profile capture. (requires AnyDVD or later).[/li][li]Fixed a bug with the import feature.[/li][li]Minor interface changes and updates.[/li][li]Fixes to the installer.[/li][li]Added profile map for “The Sims 2 Deluxe”.[/li][/ul]

Those of you that have Call of Duty 4 will notice the need to insert DVD will pop up the fix is go back to version I have posted on this on the issue as well on their forum.

Thanks alan1476 for the update.