GameJackal v3.1.0.0 - beta

Release v3.0.2.2 - rc1 (2008-06-24)

[li]Minor drivers changes.[/li][li]Minor interface changes and updates.[/li][li]Improved logging.[/li][/ul]

[B]GameJackal - rc2 (2008-07-05)[/B]

Release v3.0.2.4 - rc2 (2008-07-05)

[li]Driver performance and reliability improvements.[/li][li]Minor interface changes and updates.[/li][/ul]

[B]GameJackal v3.1.0.0 - beta[/B]

Release v3.1.0.0 - beta

[li]Major driver updates and enhancements to improve performance and reliability (this also addressed the lock issues being experienced by some users).[/li][li]New Securom algorithms to improve profile reliability (“Conflict with Emulation software” messages should be greatly reduced).[/li][li]Improved Tages and Safedisc support.[/li][li]Fixed an issue that could cause the error “Unable to load all Game Jackal files…” to be displayed on start up.[/li][li]Fixes to the summary.log file generation.[/li][li]Updated Korean language.[/li][li]Updated game profile support.[/li][li]Minor interface changes and updates.[/li][li]Improved logging.[/li][/ul]

[B]GameJackal v3.1.0.1 - beta[/B]

Release v3.1.0.1 - beta

[li]Fixed an issue with the drivers that may cause a game lockup on some machine.[/li][li]Fixed an issue that could cause the profiling operation to crash.[/li][/ul]


Release v3.1.0.2 - beta

[li]Further fix to the game lockup issue addressed in v3.1.0.1[/li][li]Improved driver installation.[/li][/ul]


[B]GameJackal v3.1.0.3 - beta[/B]

Release v3.1.0.3 - beta (2008-08-05)

[li]Driver performance and reliability improvements.[/li][/ul]

[B]GameJackal v3.1.0.4 - beta[/B]

Release v3.1.0.4 - beta (2008-08-26)

[li]Driver performance and reliability improvements.[/li][li]Initial release for the Performance and Reliability wizard. This wizard will help new and existing users troubleshoot problem profiles.[/li][li]Important information regarding the Performance and Reliability wizard.[/li]a) This wizard will appear after a profile is shutdown, if the shutdown occurred within 3 minutes of the profile starting.
b) The wizard can be viewed for a specific profile by right-clicking the profile and selecting “Performance and Reliability wizard”.
c) To disable the wizard all together, set the registry value to “Enable Performance Wizard” to 0.
d) The wizard is only enabled if the target language is English (to change this set the registry value “Enable Performance Wizard” to 1). This will be enabled for additional languages as they are translated.
e) The wizard’s text is not yet finalized and as a result is not contained in the language file (this will be done in the next release).
[li]Minor interface changes and updates.[/li][li]Improved logging.[/li][/ul]