Gamejackal released-play games without the CD

I just posted the article Gamejackal released-play games without the CD.

 ned53 used our    news submit  to tell us about a new CD game emulation tool that allows you to  store alll your games as profiles and put your CD in a safe place. According to  the website,...
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Does it work with Race Driver 2 Starforce 3 protected Cd ??? :slight_smile:

sounds like an advanced version of Cirkutz’ Mini Image Ripper.

at the moment it only does basic protections, but a new version is on the way to combat the more difficult ones

I Prefer Gamecopyworld

Perhaps StarForce3 support will never can be done on this way, because additional random quick-hash sector checking must be passed. By every start the driver sfhlp01.sys checks randomly a lot of sectors, may be 3 or 4 sectors. It is like a little addition to prevent emulating on this way. Still full image of game needed to start it.