GameJackal has been taken Down!

Visit the gamejackal website and you will get this:

I know.

It was up yesterday because I was updating the changelog on the Frontpage.

Sent out an email but no responce so far.

I hope they get what ever it is worked out in their favor, Gamejackel is the best it saved a heap of my cd’s from becoming worn out.

Womble, So what was the newest version before they stopped selling it? I haven’t updated my copy in a while (maybe 3 months ago), and I going to try and find the newest version…

new version is i think (probably the last version), dont think its downloadable from their site though :frowning:

From the frontpage. One day before it shut down.


Posted by Womble

  • Fixed compatibility issue with some games.
  • Fixed a bug that was preventing the Game Jackal window position being saved correctly.
  • Fixed a bug with the advanced profile options dialog.
  • Fixed a bug that could cause a re-install Game Jackal error message to appear.
  • Removed balloon tips for “plugin type” profiles (this includes plugins such as the no cd plugin etc).
  • Added an notification dialog that is display when profiling is complete

Searching for it in google should still bring up some links to download it. After that your own your own :wink: Cough Cough Nudge Nudge Wink Wink

the forum is still there

latest version i could find was…from last november

Latest Version is HERE

Whats the link to the forum SK?

Here you are my good man GJ Forum


From The Forum,

Hi all,
Thanks for all the concern regarding our fate. It’s a very sad day for us here at Game Jackal.

While I unfortunately can’t go into any detail, I can tell you that the closure was an internal company decision.

Thank you for all your support over the years.


Pure Game Jackal can be downloaded here

SlySoft Forum + GameJackal Section??

Looks like SlySoft is snapping up GameJackal like they did with CloneCD

Didn’t take them long, either. Not bad.

Now we know why they’re called [I]sly[/I]soft :wink:

Be good to see what they come up with for the logo. If they change it.

Semi-official confirmation: