GameJackal: Can it help you play your games without the CD?

I just posted the article GameJackal: Can it help you play your games without the CD?.


forum moderator Womble , takes a first look at the software GameJackal. This is a utility designed to help you play your games, while your valuable CD is…

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Sounds like an idea ripped from a similar tool called Mini Image Ripper. That helped make small 20mb or so Safedisc images to mount in Daemon, but that’s been out over a year now! From the review though, this sounds like one program to avoid for now! Better give it to Tobermory, maybe he can make it work better :B

To decide on whether a piece of software is any good, one must see the arguement from both sides. If you reread the thread you will see resolutions to all of Womble’s problems.

Very interesting… I don’t mind swapping CD’s or DVD’s personally. Some games have removed the need for the disk in the drive themselves (ut2003-2004). Thumbs up to that. Usually I focus on one game until i am blue in the face with it, then I move on to the next new game. How long will it take Jackel here to get blacklisted? Sued?? Good idea for which I haven’t a use

It cannot be sued as it doesn’t do anything illegal. Blacklisting may be a problem, but that is why it is updatable. The main capture audience are for people who have kids, hate using discs, laptop users and anyone who generally hates slow load times etc

This also appeals to those of us that like utilities. Years ago, Magic Desk was a lot of fun as you could create a profile for your DOS games or programs and invoke them, special config files and all, with a nifty GUI. :X

Ockingshay, no wonder you want to defend this software seeing as you are a ‘representative’ of it :slight_smile: You said re-reading the thread would find resolutions to all Wombles problems? I did but didn’t see resolutions for: The refreshing drive problem? Roller Coaster Tycoon 2 Update? BeachLife Update? Space Colony Update? Tiberian Sun only working with patch 2.03, so it still couldn’t cope with a very old SD version. So to say there are resolutions to ALL Wombles problems is simply untrue! EDIT Tiberian Sun DOES NOT have safedisc protection on Patch 2.03, so maybe that’s why it works because it’s unprotected!!
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:slight_smile: I read the review and was disappointed that it performed so badly however I installed it and it works really well: Far Cry, Raven Shield, etc all work perfectly. No problems no hitches I’m buying. I hate swapping CDs. :d:X:X:X

Web-junkie if you would like to continue this discussion then do so on the forum. You haven’t read the thread properly and so until you do, i will not continue this debarkle

errr, it’s DEBACLE mate :wink: I’ll decline the offer thanks, a good NoCD is better than cluttering up me PC with more so called ‘must have’ utilities!

I prefer downloading a No-CD patch from gamecopyworld Have enough garbage on my HD, thanks.

The problem with a nocd crack is that after a game updates they no longer work and also some nocd cracks simply don’t work when using multiplayer, plus its illegal.So i would say game jackal is the better alternative.

Yes GameJackal is a better alternative…for those that sell it and make money from it! Nocd patches all the way.

ehm I’ve never found a nocd patch that works online with Raven Shield. Hence GameJunky

No CD Patches are cool and so is this I will try it and I am no stranger to No_CD Patches. MUCH RESPECT DUE TO CLASS,MYTH, DEViANCE and the others.