GameJackal 2: The Second Coming?

Give the trial version a go.
SecuROM v7 is working for some people and they are planning a new version for very shortly which should fix SecuROM v7 profile creation probs (among other things)

Can GameJackal 2 burn copy protected games?

no, it is for running games without their disc

Can it work with pc game that are copy protected by safedisc and securom 7+

It’s best to give the trial a run.
They are currently working on a newer version that should make it easier to create profiles for these game, so if this version doesn’t work for you try again soon.

yeah i gave the trial a go but no luck , ill try again with the new version when its released…pity they cant just update alachol, it was a good investmant up untill 6 months ago :frowning:

Yep, Alcohol development is way too slow. All current copy protections have already beaten the latest Alcohol version, making it a quite uselesss piece of software.
Especially when Daemon Tools Pro will be released, which can create images and run them using the vIDE drive.
Alcohol can only create images as it is now, but not use them. It’s nearly impossible these days to burn them and have a working backup with all the blacklists (and the fact that there’s no RAW write for DVD’s). Same for the virtual drive, no current protection works due to blacklists.
And what do the people at Alcohol Soft do about it? Exactly: NOTHING. Cause they don’t care. That’s why I put my money in Daemon Tools now. They will always be sooner with new stuff, because they created the virtual drive which is used by Alcohol too.
The current Daemon Tools v4 is already a big step forward, and the vIDE technology will make it even better.

I personally think Alcohol is kinda like a deserted project, and should be released as free abandonware to run old copy protected games. Because that’s all it can do in it’s current state.
They just keep selling a product that does not what it’s supposed to do. I think that is as bad as stealing.

I’m interrested if Alcohol will have a new strategy getting customers for their product as DTools Pro will also dump images and as you mentioned Alcohol holds a license for DTools vdrives I wouldn’t pay 50$ I[/I] instead of 16$ I[/I] and getting first hand technology and faster updates.

p.s. I think it’ll also be a hard time for Game Jackal when DTools Pro is released.

Well, Alcohol is offering 40% off till the end of the year. Several of the people that work on DT also work on alcohol, which explains their working together. I hope that when they do release a new Alcohol 120% it will have the new DT with the IDE jammer and all the goodies that the DT team have been adding… But they don’t comment on any of that over @ Alcohol.

btw: Bought GameJackal, waiting to try it out… 9.95 USD, not a bad price right now!

Hmmm I was looking at this program until I saw the bit about it not liking Starforce…

My main 2 games I play are Silent Hunter III and X3 - Reunion, both of which use Starforce which after reading the gamejackel forums I see is not supported.

Pity really, Gamejackel looked real interesting.

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To Ockingshay - excuze me! I crack thiz only for myself, coze i have no money to pay fo any soft, i just a student :slight_smile:
But, some people asked for thiz crackz… And that a try to upload it…
But… I dont`t want do it for now…coze my inet is limited…

[B]Updates from the Website[/B]

Release v2.7.14.352 ( - release

  • Updated Game Jackal engine to improve support for some older games.
  • Improved extended (dynamic) profiler mode.

Release v2.7.14.351 ( - release

  • Fixed a bug that was preventing the profile popup menu from working correctly (standard interface).

Release v2.7.14.350 ( - release

  • Minor interface update.

Release v2.7.14.349 ( - release

  • Updated Game Jackal engine which includes (see help documentation for details on each mode) :-
    a) Dramatically improved reliability and performance both the standard and extended-dynamic profiler modes.
    b) Improved support for machines with multiple CD/DVD drives.
    It should be noted that a redesign of the profile file format has been made for this release. As a result we recommend that uses backup their entire Profile Library directory before launching this version of Game Jackal. Although we have made every effort to upgrade user profiles, users may need to recaptured some profiles should the upgrade fail.
  • From v2.7.14.348 to v2.7.14.349 a small change was made to the automatic profiler mode.
  • Removal of the Game Jackal engine manager from the installer.
  • The automatic profiler mode now uses standard or extended-dynamic profile modes based on profile data. (This was set to standard or extended - nominal)
  • Minor tweaks to the interface.

Release v2.7.13.342 ( - release

  • Fixed an error that occurred when launching a profile from the tray popup menu (this only occurred when the floating window option was active).
  • Minor tweaks to the interface.

Release v2.7.13.341 ( - release

  • Another fix to address the refreshing icon issue when the floating window option is selected.

Release v2.7.13.340 ( - release

  • Fixed a bug that caused some icons not to refreshd correctly in the new floating interface.

Release v2.7.13.339 ( - release

  • The introduction of a new (explorer style) floating interface.
  • Added an option to disable the dynamic hints window (this is the window that is displayed if there isn’t enough room for the hints to be displayed in their standard position).

Release v2.7.12.334 ( - release

  • Added an automatic profiler mode. This setting allows Game Jackal to determine the best mode to use.

Release v2.7.12.332 ( - release

  • Enhanced the profile repair functionality.
  • Added a lock capture mode option to prevent profiles from being written to when the game’s cd it in the drive.
  • Updates to the plugin interface.
  • Fixed a bug which could cause the Game Jackal icon to appear multiple times in third party program launchers and task managers.
  • Minor interface tweaks.
  • Added and updated skins.

Release v2.7.12.327 ( - release

  • Fixed a bug with profile management (i.e. edit, copy and remove).
  • Fixed a bug in the update application that could prevent the driver from being updated correctly (the only effect of this bug was to prevent the profile repair function from working)
  • Minor interface tweaks.

Release v2.7.12.326 ( - release

  • Multi processor support.
  • The introduction of advanced profile option, these include defining a specific running process, adjustment of the “auto stop” parameters and multi processor options.
  • The introduction of profile optimization and repair utilities (these are available under the advanced profile options)
  • Fixed a bug with the floating window option.
  • Added an option to hide the splash screen (when Game Jackal first starts)
  • Removed the “powered by” plug-in from the default installation.
  • Updates to the Game Jackal interface.

Release v2.7.11.321 ( - release

  • Fixed a bug which may cause extended mode profiling to fail on some 64bit hardware.
  • Updates to the automatic update system.

Release v2.7.11.320 ( - release

  • Fixed a bug that was causing the profiler progress bar to remain on screen for some games (effected extended mode profiling only).
  • Updated engine manager with the same fix.

Release v2.7.11.318 ( - release

  • Major updates to the core engine components.
  • The inclusion of an engine manager, this allows a user to install different Game Jackal engine versions.
  • Changes to the installer.
  • Minor interface tweaks.

Release v2.7.10.317 ( - release

  • Game Jackal now supports limited user accounts. Important note, you need to reinstall Game Jackal from the installer to activate this feature.
  • The addition of an extended profiling mode to provide more solid game profiling.
  • A Game Jackal profile shortcut will start the profile even if Game Jackal is not running (when the profile is shutdown Game Jackal will also shutdown).
  • Changes to the online activation engine and the implementation of logging to improve the reliability of the online process.
  • Additional command line options can be passed from a profile shortcut.
  • Improved profiling for time sensitive games.
  • Improved the performance of Game Jackal while a profile is active (i.e. reduced performance impact that some users were experiencing).
  • Added a profile copy function.
  • Added an option to change how Game Jackal starts when Windows starts (this is also available in the installer).
  • Added an option to copy the profile key to the clipboard when viewed.
  • Fixes BSOD issue that can occur when creating and using profiles (this also includes issues experienced when certain Anti-virus software is installed).
  • Fixed 120 DPI issue with some dialogs.
  • Fixed button overlapping issues experienced by some users.
  • Minor interface tweaks.

Release v2.6.9.281 ( - release

  • Fixed compatibility issue with some games.

Release v2.6.9.280 ( - release

  • Implemented better logging for online updates (log file generated in the main Game Jackal directory).
  • Improved handling of profile library to prevent corruption.
  • Minor bug fixes.

Release v2.6.9.277 ( - release

  • Improved the reliability of the capture process and fixed a bug which may have caused profiles to be captured incorrectly on some machines.
  • Minor bug fixes.

Release v2.6.9.276 ( - release

  • Minor interface tweaks.

Release v2.6.9.275 ( - release

  • Changes to the profile key wizard.

Release v2.6.9.274 ( - release

  • Improved memory handling, reduced memory footprint when a profile is active.
  • Minor interface tweaks.

Release v2.6.9.268 ( - release

  • Minor update to the plug-in interface.
  • Minor interface tweaks.

Release v2.6.9.265 ( - release

  • Added a “powered by” plug-in which is displayed when a Game Jackal profile is active. This is to provide visual cues (and tips) for new users. The plug-in is only installed via setup.exe, existing installations can download and install the plug-in from the Game Jackal website download area.
  • Added floating window support.
  • Added a number of new features and fixed a number of bugs with on-line updater.

Release v2.6.9.262 ( - release

  • Added a “quick launch” option to the profile wizard, this will automatically start a game once the game cd has been detected in the drive. This can improve the profile creation process.
  • Improved profile startup, some games will now start faster.
  • Fixed dialog position on multi monitor setup.
  • Added profile map logging. A log file is now written to the Game Jackal directory when a profile map is loaded.
  • Minor interface tweaks.

Release v2.5.8.254 ( - release

  • Fixed the number of hours played bug, this bug was display 0 hours when 24 or more hours had been played.

Release v2.5.8.252 ( - release

  • Fixed a bug that effected manually created profiles.
  • Game Jackal will now attempt to restore a bad profile library if there was a bad library save.

Release v2.5.8.247 ( - release

  • Fixed a bug which could prevent the Game Jackal splash screen from hiding.

Release v2.5.8.246 ( - release

  • Fixed a bug which could prevent Game Jackal plug-ins from loading at startup.

Release v2.5.8.245 ( - release

  • Fixed bug which was allowing users to modify profiles even when Game Jackal was password protected.
  • Added verions infomation to plug-in manager.
  • Expanded plug-in interface.
  • Log file now generated when an on-line update is performed.

Release v2.5.7.236 ( - release

  • Small fix to driver.

Release v2.5.7.235 ( - release

  • Updated the tutorial.
  • Minor interface tweaks.

Release v2.5.7.234 ( - release (rc2)

  • Fixes to the popup hints window.
  • Improved game support and drive bug fixes

Release v2.4.6.233 ( - beta (rc1)

  • Small modifications to the plug-in manager and the SDK interface.
  • Fixes to the popup hints window.

I would like to heartily endorse this product. I bought the license after seeing the news article posted on on April 16th. I have been able to remove almost 40gb of CD and DVD images from my hard drive!!!

The interface is simple to use and setup of each game for NO CD takes only a couple of minutes for each game. It has worked on almost everything in my library. The only exceptions are Starcraft, Warcraft III and the Myst DVD Editions of the original, Riven, and Exile. This is because they all go to the optical drive repeatedly for movies and they give you no option for a full install to the hard drive (DT or Alcohol emulation still needed) instead of just checking at startup.

Anyway, for less than $12 this is a great little tool for gaining back a ton of space on the old HDD while still remaining CD Free.

Updates from the Website

Release v2.8.16.435 - release

  • Fixed a bug that was causing some games to report the cd missing, and displaying a cancel/retry dialog (would work on the second retry).
  • Minor changes to the DPI fix applied to v2.8.16.430

Release v2.8.16.430 - release

  • Fixed a bug that was causing display issues on system using non-standard DPI settings.
  • Small interface bug fixes.

Release v2.8.16.420 - release

  • Fixed a bug that was stopping some setting form being retained (non English versions)
  • All languages now supported in skins
  • Improved the recovery method for corrupted library files (caused by a bad shutdown).
  • Italian language support.
  • General interface bug fixes.

Release v2.8.16.410 - release

  • Fixed a bug that could cause the profiler window to appear and hang.
  • Improved monitoring for auto stop. The monitor thread will now look for another active process from within the same directory as the original monitored process before deactivating the profile.

Release v2.8.16.402 - release

  • Fixed a bug which could prevent the Game Jackal driver from installing correctly
  • Spanish language support.
  • General interface bug fixes.

Release v2.8.16.400 - release

  • Improved “Automatic” profiler mode (this should prove to be the most reliable mode)
  • Improvements to in-game performance monitoring (as used by the profiles auto stop functionality).
  • Small bug fix to the driver.

Release v2.8.16.397 - release

  • Fixed a bug that prevented some DVD games working with extended profiler mode (i.e. Nominal, High and Ultra high).

Release v2.8.16.396 - release

  • Add an additional capture option called “Image mode”. Image mode is designed for games that require content to be streamed from the CD or DVD during game play.
  • Changes to the driver to help with profile performance.
  • The Game Jackal interface will now open automatically when launched from the desktop (note, online updates will not apply this feature, you will need to manually add the parameter /desktop to the desktop icon i.e. “C:\Program Files\Maplom\Maplom.exe” /desktop).
  • General interface bug fixes.

Release v2.8.16.390 - rc3

  • Fixed a bug which was preventing game icons being dropped into the profile window.

Release v2.8.16.389 - rc2

  • Fixed a bug which was forcing the interface to a fixed size on startup.
  • Fixed a bug that could prevent the buttons on the tutorial to be missing with some skins.
  • General interface bug fixes.

Release v2.8.16.388 - rc1

  • More changes to the supported languages.
  • The addition of new API’s to support new plugins.
  • Fixed a bug which could cause a “Maplom.exe - No disc” error message to be shown when Game Jackal starts up.
  • General interface bug fixes.

Release v2.8.16.385 - beta

  • Changes to driver that will prevent some users experiencing a BSOD
  • Updates to the credit dialog
  • Non English text removed from the client code base (all foreign language to be supported via the lang.sib file)

Release v2.8.16.384 - beta

  • Implement a new wizard skinable interface.
  • Fixed a bug that was causing a blank tabs in the profile managment dialog (French version).
  • Tweaks to the new “Default” interface.
  • Renamed skin “Cave Red” to “Code Red” (note, existing installations will retain the “Cave Red” skin in addition to the new “Code Red” skin).

Release v2.8.15.382 - beta

  • Fixed a bug which could prevent the driver from loading (this is in addition to the v2.8.15.380 fix).
  • Added a new “Default” skin.

Release v2.8.15.380 - beta

  • Fixed a bug which could prevent the driver from loading.

Release v2.8.15.379 - beta

  • Fixed the French text which was displaying place holder values.
  • General interface bug fixes.

Release v2.8.15.378 - beta

  • Updated build of the driver, getting it Vista/64 bit ready.
  • All extended profiling options now available by default.
  • General interface bug fixes.

Release v2.8.15.374 ( - beta

  • Changes to the German and French translations. Special thanks to Benjamin G. H. Deist for his efforts with the German translation and Rolf Diensten with the French translation.
  • General interface bug fixes.

Release v2.8.15.373 ( - beta

  • Introduction of multilingial interface including German and French.

Release v2.7.14.363 ( - release

  • Minor tweaks to the interface.

Looks like a major release recently happened. Taking GJ to version 2.8. The main parts of it seem to be 64bit, Vista readyness. Better profiling and performance along with languages support.

personally i think its a bit crap, its just a filterdriver with record/playback facilities, and its buggy as hell, just look at those release notes…

the less you know, the more you believe…

thank you for your constructive comments

odd, i decided to check it out again, cos of all the changes but…the main site shows up …

“We regretfully announce that due to circumstances beyond our control, we are unable to continue selling Game Jackal.”

odd, perhaps it’ll just change names…