GameJackal 2 offered at special low price for a limited time



I just posted the article GameJackal 2 offered at special low price for a limited time.

 In case  you have not heard of it, GameJackal is a handy tool for those of you out there  that like to play games, but get irritated when you have to insert the CD or DVD  in order to invoke...
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I would have purchased a license months ago, but it’s a shame they decided to use an online activation which key is bound to your hardware as a “protection”, because that is the reason why I haven’t bought this nice piece of software, even if it is just for 10 bucks. The only thing you have protected is yourself from me. :c If they would have dropped this nonsense I would have been the first to buy, but so, I am out. Some might say that this is far better than having 10 € more on their end. :B


I totally agree. Never buy anything with “product activation” (or whatever they call it). Vote with your wallet.


Well, apparently they have changed their licensing system back in march. Anyone knows how this actually works? Is it just a simple license file like i.e. Slysoft uses or still bound to your hardware in some way?
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It’s a fair price and I bought a license some time ago. I agree that online activation su*** but as a²°mentioned they finally changed it :slight_smile:
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Yes, the product does not require activation. You just run an installer that asks for the order number and a password you are given when you place your order. There is also an online area where you can log in to: * View your order details. * Update your email address. * Download the Game Jackal License installer. :slight_smile:
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No online activation is required…happy gaming GJ Admin


Cool! This is great news!