GameJack anyone?

has anyone tested this one out? just read about it on the news page

sounds like a mixture of A120%, BW & CCD.

hmm… nice logo…

Is it only able to emulate SecuROM new games or it can make a backup of them?

unfortunately its only out in german right now

ill see if i can get in touch w/ my friend in berlin to give it a whirl

hope they get around to the other languages soon

@ alexnoe
Have you tried this yet?

If so, what can it do and is it really any good?

I hugely doubt it’s gonna be any better than CloneCD.

I’ve taken a peek at the other software products offered at the gamejack website , and it seems they are … how to put this friendly … portings of other software products.

I have not tested it, nor am i planning to , so my motives can be bashed by the writer any time :slight_smile:

tried it out, and no luck…

fell over twice in writing mode.
backed up game ok, and can play using hdd image with its own image loader, but is still REALLY buggy…
clonecd still rulez…

ok, i dont know if i know how well using google for german translation

but i tried nolf2 and no go
i might have done it wrong

i used the
DPM Modus

buffer underrun schutz

and about 6 different settings that i could figure out meant something about protection

if someone who can read german can give it a try

btw- also tried its 2 virtual drives - no go w/ those also