Gamejack and Vietcong



I just want to use gamejack to keep an image of the game cd on the drive - however something is going wrong with the copy process.

Of course, I just bought gamejack after having used it successfully with BF 1942. But of course immediately after having paid for it I try another game and it doesn’t work.

I can make the image, but the game won’t start. I don’t get the error message about inserting the correct Cd, but the game doesn’t start either.

ClonyXXL says that it’s the ‘SecuRom new v4.84.81.0132’ and gives it 10 skulls. Great - is it possible to just make an image of this CD to sit on my HDD and not have to put the game in everytime?

I’ve tried activating the CD Copy protection but it doesn’t work.


Which game version is this? It might have an updated blacklist so we’ll have to examine this and adapt our drives to avoid being blacklisted.


Which game version? I don’t understand your question. Please clarify what information you need.

The game title is Vietcong,



Different countries may have different protections used on a certain game. That’s why I asked which version it is, because you didn’t enter anything about your location in your user details :wink:


ah, It’s the US version.


We’ll try to get that version and test it. If possible, we’ll release an update ASAP.