Gamejack 3 Driver error

Having problems with Gamejack 3
When i try to run this software i get the following error,

A required Driver could not be loaded,
Restart computer,
If it is not working reinstall.

Have aspi drivers v4.60
Running winxp home.

Can anyone help please. :slight_smile:

I,m getting the same error i,m using aspi layer 4.71.2s ?

also using winxp pro

I get this error too!
I also know atleast 3 more people that are also getting it.
I have Windows XP and to my knowledge so do the people who I know aswell. The error occurs when attempting to run the app. This was also the same error in Gamejack 2.


Open up the Gamejack folder where you installed it, and double click on '‘unidrv.msi’ - should now all work. :bigsmile:

WOW!! That did the trick for me as I was having the same problem.
Big thanks navigator


yes thats sorted it thanks navigator,
your a star. :wink: