GameJack 2 Beta: Another Safedisc/SecuROM cutter?

I just posted the article GameJack 2 Beta: Another Safedisc/SecuROM cutter ?.

drain used our newssubmit to tell us that more competition of CloneCD, BlindWrite and Alcohol 120% is currently available. It is called GameJack 2.0 and if this software really does it’s job as…

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It looks nice and sounds promising…

Unfortunately, it’s only available in German at the moment.:c

we tested it and it failed on Unreal 2003

I’d be interested to see multiple games, software, etc. backed up on a single DVD+RW as a future option. (RW would allow a title to be removed if you no longer use it) This way, should the OS need to be reinstalled such as from a virus or HDD failure, you only need to load the one DVD rather than going through loads of backed CD-Rs or even the original CDs. I’d recommend this as a future option when DVD recorders become more cheaper and popular :9