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Hello all, I am new to this forum, so I hope this is in the right spot…

I recently acquired a new video card, which came with a “free” version of gamedrive 9. I started using it, created a couple of VCD (virtual CDs, NOT video CDs) and everything was just peachy. Then I uninstalled some hardware that I had, and I started having problems. Basically, everytime I would try to load an image onto my gamedrive, my computer would lock up… completely, No CTRL + ALT + DEL, nothing. Now the problem is with one specific game. I have the Medal of Honor Battlechest, however my CD 1 got pretty scratched up, (its pretty old)… luckily, before it got scratched up I cloned it using cloneCD (on another PC). Now I have both CDs, and I usually use the burnt copy. Now however, the burnt copy is starting to look pretty bad, so I created the VCD thinking, hey, this is great, and I will have no more scratched up CDs. However lo and behold, everytime I try to “insert” it into the virtual drive my computer freezes like previously mentioned. BTW, this happens with any VCD that I have, not just this one. I have tried reaching Farstone, about it, but since the program came “free” like on a bonus cd, it has no serial number or anything, so thats a dead end. I did download their free evaluation of GameDrive 10, but it was incredibly slow, dunno if it was some kind of read limit, cause it was a 15 day eval, but it didn’t convince me enough to pay the $30 bucks they ask for it, especially if it was that slow. So does anyone have any ideas on what could be causing the system lock up? Any similar issues that have been resolved? I have reapired my registry using a couple of tools, but there could still be a problem, I really don’t know. And I really DONT want to reinstall windows for something as silly as this… so if anyone has any comments or suggestions, please post back. Thanks




No takers?!?!?!


Sounds like software conflict. Uninstall any unnecessary burning software, clean your registry with Crap Cleaner and ATF cleaner to clean out junk. It sounds like you have multiple drive emulation programs installed. Considering you said you still have your original CD’s I would just get Skip Dr and clean the scratches.
When is the last time you defragged your hard drive? How many programs are running on your PC? What is your computer specifications?

Have you even bothered to check Farstone’s website for compatability?
NOTE: There will be no version 11 for GameDrive. If you want the latest game and disc support, please purchase VirtualDrive 11 for only $29.99.

30-day, money back guarantee.

They have a 30 day money back guarantee policy. If you didn’t like the software you can return for refund.

Until then learn the values of taking better care of your discs.