Gamecube + TYG02

lol the back-up scene, me too back int he days with my dreamcast and tip top of the line super fast 6x CD burner.

Updates, people! Updates!

So I received a nice stack of boxes at my door last week and have been busy all this time burning, scanning, and testing away. So far, the situation isn’t looking too good …

First off, the Verbatims that I ordered were indeed MCC 01RG20s. But guess what? MY CUBE WON’T READ THEM … It was a total bummer. I couldn’t bring myself to believe it, so I tried several different games and every burning speed possible, and after exhausting the entire 25-Pack spindle without a single success, I gave up. Now, before you go off recommending me to change the laser POT on my Cube, read what happened next.

So with my preferred choice of media eliminated as an option, I grudgingly cracked open the pack of G04s. Guess what? They read perfectly! Which really sucks because they probably won’t last longer than a year.

I’ve attached two scans of a Super Mario Strikers backup I did on a G04. (Don’t worry, that IS a LiteOn drive. It just happens that that model was shared with some other brand, so the latest firmware ends up rebranding it. Don’t worry, it gives good scans.) The first was taken right after it was burned and the second was taken only a day later! Look at the jump in errors! I really don’t know what to expect here … Also, the rather “cliffy” looking peaks on those things are pretty disconcerting … Is my burner doing something wrong here? It’s an NEC ND-3550A. It’s never burned discs with scans looking like those before. They DO read just fine in the Cube.

I’ve been posting on some Cube Modding forums, and people there have said Maxell MXL R01s work great in Cubes. I will definitely be hunting down some of these and trying them next as these are known to be GREAT discs.

So, to wrap up: I am still on my media hunt. So far, I’ve only tried Ritek G04s and MCC 01RG02s. I will be trying Maxell MXL R01s next. Does anyone know of any other media that would work in a GameCube? (REMEMBER! I’m only looking for Mini DVD-R here!) And the smaller issue is my question about my NEC writer.

Thanks a lot guys! We’ve come a long way since I’ve started this stupid little quest … hopefully we’ll solve the problems soon! I am in debt to you all! :bow:

Until I find better media, I will be storing my G04 backups shelved vertically upright in cases, in a dark, cool room. Hopefully this will add a month or two to their life, LOL. :bigsmile:

Your testing drive is a Liteon DVD-ROM drive, which is not the best choice for testing and your NEC might even make a better drive for testing even though it’s not a very good testing drive either. Your drive will usually exaggerate PI error levels quite a lot so don’t pay too much attention to that (same case with most NEC drives, they exaggerate PI levels). Also, PIF totals are exaggerated and are reported much more densely than if tested in a burner,but in my experience the max PIF reported is fairly reliable. Not sure if you knew about that stuff or not but there you go. Having said all that, Ritek G04 that I’ve used does burn with high PIE levels and decent PIFs, I haven’t had mine long enough to determine if they are stable or not.

Regarding potential instability of your Ritek discs, what I would suggest you do with your backups is create .ISO (or similar) images of your backups and burn those on reliable DVD media. Then if your Ritek discs fail, you can reburn them. Looks like you can fit 3 backups on a standard DVD so it doesn’t look like it would amount to many additional discs unless you have lots of games.


Yes, I was definitely thinking of the same archiving idea. Would RARing my images so that I can fit four on one DVD+R increase the chances of data-loss/image-corruption?

As for LiteOn drives, I was under the impression that LiteOns were one of the best for reading and scanning? I think I may have misunderstood … is it that LiteOn WRITERS are the best for scanning?

I’ve found that between my two drives, NEC ND-3550A and LiteOn LTD163, the LiteOn gives much better scans. Perhaps I should invest in a LiteOn writer so I can verify my burns correctly?

RARing them would not really be much of an increased risk, and if you are really concerned there are things such as recovery records available as options when using RAR. Although I don’t know if RARing will compress the data enough to make it worth the time and effort, you’ll just have to try compressing a couple and see how much compression you can get.

Yes, it is Liteon burners specifically that make good testing drives, if you use your drive it can give some sense of a disc’s burn quality but mostly just for your own personal comparisons between your own burns as the scan results will be quite different than the type of scans done by burners that you’ll see posted here on CDfreaks. If you want to, getting a burner that does better PI/PIF testing such as a Liteon, Benq (except 1670 and DQ60), or Plextor would be a good way of tracking the burn quality and stability of your discs. Your NEC should generally report much lower PIF levels than your Liteon DVD-ROM, however it may report higher PI levels - with both drives the PI levels being reported is not reliable so it doesn’t mean much anyway.

Shame to hear that about the verbs. My GC plays them fine, like i said at the beginning of this post the GC is picky/fussy when it comes to media.

Grr … this is not looking good people. Here’s the update.

So I’ve tried a shitload of media, and to be short, nothing has worked! Gah!!! My main problem comes with FINDING the media. I’ve ascertained that this is because the only good quality media that works with the Cube is made in Japan, and most of that stuff is hard to find in the States. Read on and you’ll see what I mean.

So, I’ve been trying to find Maxell MXL RG01 thru RG04 discs (which happen to be made in Japan :rolleyes: ). The problem is that these are quite hard to find in general, let alone in mini DVD-R format.

I purchased some JVCs and TDKs that matched’s database for MXL RG01s. I have also heard on some forums that Japanese-made Fujifilms work in Cubes, so I bought some Fujifilms. Unfortunately, they all turned out being something different.

The Fujis and JVCs both turned out to be Ritek G04s! GRR!!! As you can imagine, I was quite angry. The Fuji’s were okay - on par with normal G04s - but I don’t really expect them to last. The JVCs were TERRIBLE (as if G04s couldn’t get any worse).

The TDKs turned out being made by TDK :stuck_out_tongue: . They were TDKG02000000, and the quality was GREAT, but unfortunately, not Cube-readable. -_- If anyone needs minis for data or camcorder use, these or the Verbatims are the ones to use! They’re really good!

So … I’m back to square one. Basically, I need help locating Japanese-made mini DVD-R media. If anyone knows where I can find access to these within the States, it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

Grr … it looks like I’ll have to resort to searching in retail stores (Insert Darth Vader, “Noooo!!!” here)

Try to get some fullsized discs with ritek g05 media. I tried Traxdata ones and they worked like originals.
I bought Platinum mini-dvds recently and noticed that they had CMC MAG AF.1 dye(used to have ritek g04) Looks like they have changed the dye to worser one.
I think i will order some traxdata mini-dvds again, not as good as fullsized ones on my cube but still better than the new Platinum ones.

The G05 have their degradation issues. :frowning:
CMC MAG AF1 from the stability point is far better than RITEK G04.

Yes -c1m-, if you have been following the thread, you will notice that we’re trying to find something that is NOT RITEK.

I am scanning my backups every few days, and I can literally see the degradation happening with the error spikes getting bigger and bigger each time.

I went out hunting in retails stores last night and got my hands on some Japanese-made Maxells, Media Code MXL RG01. (It’s a long story, I will post more details on that later.)

Initial tests are not looking good. The discs are booting, but not lasting very long into the game with either a freeze or a disc error. The quality of the media looks pretty different from batch to batch as well, and that is definitely playing a factor, although, the quality overall is very good (but then again, as Riteks show, that has nothing to do with readability). I will post the full story on how I found the discs with some more testing results after I come to some conclusion about the media’s compatibility with my Cube.

So far, the situation is not looking up … :frowning:

DNT5… As i said GC’s are fussy with media,some worse than other and it seems to me like you have one of the REALLY fussy GC with what media it plays. For me the Traxdata G04 and G0401’s have been good, the ones ive scanned look nice with no sign degradation(only can go one what i have scanned now as i never had the lite-on when i first started gc backups), mine also works fine with verbs aswell.
IF it comes to it save wasting money on buying all these different discs you could just do what was suggested earlier in this thread and just burn your backups on what has worked (G04’s right ?) and also back the iso up to a Verb,TY,Maxell(mij). The if the G04 goes bad beyond playable you can just burn off another one. You should be able to fit around 3 iso on one disc.

You could tweak the pots for the laser, can be risky if you dont know what your doing but thats kind of a last resort.

What burner are you useing by the way. I remember something time back where only disc burnt with pioneers and nec’s work properly,think that also had something to do with the early bias the chip’s used.

Hey Yoda,

Yeah, looks like my Cube is just picky. Aww, but I love my Cube! It’s a first generation DOL-001! I guess it’s a love/hate relationship right now. :bigsmile:

The reason I am using a softmod instead of a modchip is the same reason that I refuse to open it up to modify the laser POT: it’s a first generation DOL-001, LOL! Seriously though, I’m a bit of a purist, and I always pick the non-invasive method for EVERYTHING whenever possible.

I am using an NEC ND-3550A with the latest (modded) firmware (modded for bitsetting support only). That’s strange that you say NECs are good for Cube backups because I’ve never heard that. I’ve only heard people recommending BenQs and Pioneers. Regardless though, the 3550 is a good burner, and I’m pretty sure it’s not the problem seeing that my G04 backups play fine.

I suppose I should tell the full story of how I found the Maxells. However, I’m still in the process of testing them, so there’s no final verdict in that area yet.

I guess the one advantage of buying retail is that you actually get to inspect the product itself before buying it - something I’ve taken for granted after all these years of EBay, NewEgg, and Pricewatch. Basically, you just look for anything made in Japan, LOL! So I found a bunch of Maxells at random Fred Meyers, Best Buys, and Wal-Marts, and they all had the same outer packaging, but some were labeled as “Made in Taiwan” and others “Made in Japan”. I bought some of both, and lo and behold, the Japanese ones were MXL RG01s and the Taiwanese ones were Ritek G04s. Of course, I went back later and exchanged the Taiwanese ones for more MXLs. :bigsmile:

During my lunch break today, I went out and bought some more prospective candidates: some Japanese-made Sonys and Panasonics. I really doubt that the Sonys will work, but just got 'em for the kick of it, hahaha. I’m putting my hope on the Panasonics. Also, I got some more Maxells for additional testing because I noticed that the quality differs from batch to batch.

I’m at school right now, but when I get home, I will test these right away. I’ll post a detailed report of my findings as I always do. :wink:

You will have to tell me what mid the panasonics are, i had seen some here and they was labeled mij but i refuse to pay the £12.99 currys wanted for a 3 pack.

I still think you should at least give some thought to just backing the iso’s up to verbs or ty’s, down to you.

Yes, well I still have all my ISOs backed up on my large archive drive. I really want to find something of quality that will work, and only want to use the G04 method as a last resort.

As for the Panasonics, of course they’d be expensive - it is retail after all. :wink: I got a 3-Pack for $5.99 at my local Circuit City. Basically, I am only buying everything retail while I hunt, as this is the only way that I can verify where the discs were manufactured. Once I find something that works well, I can easily go to EBay or Amazon Marketplace for an affordable, steady supply of them.

An interesting note on Circuit City is that they seem to have a lot of older, higher quality media there. I found Japanese Panasonics, Maxells, and JVCs there. However, they only had DVD-RWs for the JVCs … I’m pretty sure that Japanese made JVC DVD-Rs are all MXL RG01s. I would’ve gotten some of those to test if they had them. -_- I may try a different Circuit City location sometime, but we’ll try what I’ve got for now. Yoda, I will definitely get back to you on the Panasonic Media Codes in my next post.

PRAY for me, LOL. :a

The Panasonic discs are going to be TY as far as I know. BTW, compatibility with standalones and other devices such as Gamecubes often comes down to factors such as reflectivity of the disc and sometimes even low jitter levels rather than the level of PI/PIF errors. As long as a disc burns at least ‘decently’, error levels will really have little bearing on the ability of the disc to be supported well in the device. Not that you don’t realize this already, but it’s worth pointing out. So having said that, I don’t know that you’re necessarily going to have any greater level of success with MIJ or other very clean-burning media, as there are other factors involved. I have read of Ritek having good reflectivity so it wouldn’t suprise me if G04 performs better in that regard, however I don’t have much experience in reflectivity or lack of it for standalones as I’ve not really had many reflectivity issues with my burns, even with very cheap generic media that is translucent and can be easily seen through in decent lighting I haven’t had playback problems with most devices… As mentioned before, I would just use what has worked for you in the past and backup the .ISO images, regardless of potential degrading of the media. If a disc degrades severely just burn it again.

If you get PVC media, drop me a line please. I might buy them for 2x the price you paid. :wink:

I’d just like to add that TDK media used to work flawlessy for me a few months ago when the media was 8x. When they changed to 16x, Cube doesn’t read these.

This thread has me worried…I have ALL of my backups on RITEK G04’s. Most of mine are Memorex branded, and I found that they worked the best…the Qoob’s disc read test would only complete successfully with these discs. And even then, some spools were horrible, and every disc would fail. And the Qoob hated my LITEON burner, I had to use my much older Toshiba to get a good burn.

The cube is definitely a mysterious machine! I am limited to miniDVDs since I didn’t buy an aftermarket case, and as we’ve read in this thread, that REALLY limits the media choice.

My cube is currently having a Viper GC Extreme put in without a casemod. After reading this forum, maybe I should do the casemod. Its just that I agree with DNT5 - I have a DOL-001 Platinum Collectors Edition GC and I don’t want some ugly clearcase or blackcase. I think I found a silver but it was like $50US!!!

I have a NEC-3500A burner and I was going to try some Verbatim mini-DVD’s. I only use DVD+R Verbatims for other applications with NO coasters, so I trust Verbs. I guess I just have to hope i don’t have a picky GC. Is there such a thing as DVD+R MiniDVD?

Anyways, to summarize this thread, I’m understanding the best GC media for miniDVD are:

Verbs or Ritek (although keep a backup on regular DVD)

I’ve never had a ritek -R G04 screw up and I have had about 50 or more which have lasted more than 2 years.

My ritek G05 on the other had have pretty much all degraded. 100 discs and counting.