Gamecube + TYG02

Anyone know why my Gamecube Qoob Full Size DVD modified will refuse to read my Taiyo Yuden TYG02 media burnt at 4x yet it loves the Ritek G05 media burnt at 4x?

Really annoying as it is the only format that dosen’t want to know about my high quality TY media :frowning:

Have you tried MCC 03RG20, MCC 02RG20 and the likes yet?

For some reason the GC loves ritek dye, the GC also seems to be fussy/picky with media. Mine plays Traxdata 8CM Ritek G04 (im sure some show up as G0401) and Verbatim 8CM MCC 01RG20 Discs

TYG02 doesn’t have a strong reflectivity, unlike Ritek G04/G05 and Verbatim MCC02RG20. TYG02 is excellent for PC use, but not necessarily for video and games, depending on the drives. Ritek G04 and G05 are plagued with stability issues so forget these unless it’s for short-term.

You can burn Verbatim 16X -R media @4X with good results in most recent burners. It’s supposed to be true multispeed media. I’m proposing this because 8X -R Verbs are difficult to find now. What burner do you have?

Besides, you don’t necessarily need to burn discs @4X for your GC. Try higher writing speeds and see if it works. :slight_smile:

The Traxdata 8CM G04’s have held up pretty well, in fact thay have given me better results than the 8CM verbs. Heres two scans, the Verb was burnt this year and scanned straight after, the Trax was burnt around the beginning of 2005. Anyways though the GC’s are picky.

Well I just ordered some Ritek G04 full size from SVP, as those seem to be working fine.

Although as to their lifespan, who knows

You’ve been warned. I’ve burnt hundreds of G04 (Ritek-branded, unbranded, Ridata-branded, Ridisc-branded, Traxdata-branded) and [I]only[/I] the Traxdata-branded ones from a batch produced in 2004 are not degrading. All the unbranded and Ridisc ones turned to coasters in 14-16 months, and the Ridata ones will probably not live long considering the degradation rate.

Stability issues with Ritek -R media have been reported quite often on this board, it’s not a legend. :disagree:

Media from before mid-2004 don’t seem to be affected. Maybe they got their act together recently? I wish you well. If it’s for short-term, no problem.

I’m really glad I did a Google search on this or else I wouldn’t have run into this thread.

I’m just starting to get into the Gamecube Backup scene, and I’m on the hunt for some good media. Unfortunately, the recommendations given here for Traxdata and Verbatim media won’t work for me. One, Traxdata is currently only available in Europe, so U.S. Cubers won’t be able to get our hands on any of those. Two, I believe the Verbatim MCC 01RG20 discs are also only offered in a plain format in Europe; over here, they are branded as some sort of “Verbatim DigitalMovie” premium line and come with fancy packaging and are rediculously expensive. (What’s with Europe and hogging all the good media!?) :wink:

I am also only looking for Mini DVD-Rs as I am somewhat of a “purist” and want to keep my GC as stock as possible; I will only be Soft-Modding through Max Drive Pro for that matter, and I don’t want to have to keep the top off of my deck or install a bigger tray or whatnot. My Cubbie is a first-generation DOL-001, baby! I love the thing! :bigsmile: Anyways, forcing myself to use Mini DVD-R media is certainly making my hunt a lot harder.

I ordered a small 10-Pack of Ritek RiData Mini G04s to test out, and now that I’ve run into this thread, I’m glad I only bought a 10-Pack. If degradation is really an issue with G04s, then I don’t want to use them! I want my backups to last, lol.

I certainly hope this is the case, because then all my problems would be solved and I can just go with the G04s which are pretty cheap!

Has anyone else found really good media for GC backups? Perhaps looking into MCC 03RG20 and MCC 02RG20 discs as kg_evilboy suggested is the only option? Though, I’ve LOOKED and LOOKED and can’t seem to find any Mini DVD-Rs of those MCC makes anywhere. I’ve found one POSSIBILITY, and that is a Philips 4x Mini DVD-R line that MIGHT be a MCC 03RG20, but I’ll have to buy a batch to find out … the only store I’ve found carrying it is out of stock! I’m just hoping that someone else out there is already using something else that works great and is going to share with us. :slight_smile: wink, wink nudge Anyone?

Whew … okay, it’s late … I know the post was messy, and I apologize. Thanks for bearing with me. Hopefully we’ll all get something out of this …

Well, in Europe we have Mini DVD-Rs…
But the good and cheap media is in the US. We hardly get any Sony MIJ, we don’t have MIRs, only few shops have pricematch…

I understand, but I’m trying to find media that has the best compatibility with GC …

In your earlier post, you mentioned MCC 03RG20 and MCC 02RG20. Do you know of any Mini DVD-R discs/brands in specific that use this dye?

Well, I’m doing some hardcore testing of my search engine skills here, trying to cross reference everything and anything that might be a possible match.

I am looking at lists of all the discs made from good GC dyes (MCC 01-03 and some G04s) and checking each one to see if they might have a Mini DVD-R version. I keep eyeing the current generation of Memorex Mini DVD-Rs:

Does anyone know what dyes they are using in these? Memorex DVD media can range anywhere from CMC to TAIYOYUDEN, but based on the lists I’m looking at, there is A CHANCE that they might be using MCC 01RG20 dye in these … can anyone verify? The price is real good on these too, so if it turns out that they are using the MCC dye in these, this just might be the holy grail I’ve been looking for.

Well the Verbatim branded 8CM dvd-r’s use MCC 01RG20, you can get them in a spindle of 10 that have a photo printable surface or you can get them in jewel case’s and they have the verbatim logo on. Well here in the UK anyways.

The memorex ones, well i have tried a couple once before the traxdatas and verbs was about they came in jewel case’s in a box of 5 they had CMCMAG.AF1 dye and my GC did’nt like them, the videos kept jumping and skipping.

Are these too expensive?

Sorry cant help you on the price. Im from the England.

Actually, I saw those, and I found them someplace else for even cheaper:

But are these MCC 01RG20s? I’ve already ordered myself a batch, so I guess we’ll find out one way or another :wink: . But Yoda, if you or someone else can verify, that’d be great.

Also, we’re still in the dark about whether or not G04s have improved of late. Can anyone vouch on the stability of more recent G04 media? Has it improved? Same stability/degradation problems? Francksoy, could you possibly investigate further into this? Being able to use G04s without any degradation worries would be the ultimate solution here; the price is unbeatable. If the Verbatims turn out to be the real deal, they would work as a great alternative, but the gamebreaker here would be the G04s. And as a reminder, Traxdata is awesome, but not an option because it is only available in Europe (I can’t even find it on eBay).

We’re getting closer … I can smell victory. :bigsmile:

Well the few verbatim 8CM discs i have are in mini jewel case’s and are MCC01RG20, SVP sells the printable ones in a spindle of 10 and they say they are MCC01RG20. The G04 minis… mmmmm well the ones i have i bought some time back, none in the last year. But the ones i do have seem to be holding up nice.

Well yes, but you have said that your G04s are Traxdata, correct? Because those are the ones not affected by degradation issues, according to Francksoy anyhow.

Man … the suspense is eerie. Unless anyone has more input to offer on recent G04s or other discs that may work, I guess the only thing left is to wait for my Verbatims to arrive … I just hope that they’re MCCs.

Oh, and just to remind, I did purchase that 10-Pack of RiData Mini G04s, remember? I will be testing those too, of course. Though, we won’t know about any degradation issues until a year or so down the line, but if something does happen, I will be sure to post about it in the forum … if G04s are even still around by then. :stuck_out_tongue:

Well i just scan a Trax G0401 that was burnt in march and its not showing degrading problems.

With the G04’s some of the full size 12cm traxdatas towards the end of them making the 4 speed discs did show some degradating problems just depended on the batch.
The 8CM seem unaffect thus far. The scan futher up was burnt about one and a half years ago.

The Verbs you ordered, i cant see them being anything else other than MCC.

I can say they are MCC01RG20 with 99% certainty. Do remember that MCC is Verbatim’s parent company and with Verbatim uses MCC media almost exclusively (with some exceptions).

Regarding RITEKG04, it is impossible to for anyone here to predict how well any particular batch of RITEKG04 or G05 media is going to perform without having prior experience with it. Ritek is a crapshoot. The fact is, if you choose to go the RITEKG04 route, there will always be some uncertainty as to the lifespan of the discs. If you value your backups, I would rule out RITEKG04 as an option.

Yes, I have decided to do that. Unless Traxdata decides to start offering their products in the U.S. sometime, it’ll be no G04 for me. It’s quite sad actually, because almost everyone in the Cubing Backup community SWEARS by G04s … I don’t think that they realize that in a year or two, all their backups may go dead. I’m gonna have to start posting about MCCs at the Cubing communities.

Sweetness. Well, we’ll know for sure eventually right? :wink: I’ll make sure to post my findings here.

Seriously, you guys are all awesome. This is quite possibly the fastest I’ve ever gotten to the bottom of a situation like this, and it was all with your help and knowledge. I cannot thank you all enough.

So to sum it all up so far (for you lazy people out there :stuck_out_tongue: ), we’ve pretty much determined that for North American Cubers, Verbatim Mini DVD-Rs are the only way to go. We’re pretty sure that all Verbatim Mini DVD-Rs are using MCC01RG20, so unless the batch I receive prooves any different, that can pretty much be assumed to be true from here on out.

The only thing left is if there is some other magical disc out there that works great with the Cube and no one has mentioned it yet. So if anyone knows of any other Mini DVD-R media that works great with the GC, we want to hear about it!

Did I mention that you’re all awesome? :bow: