Gamecube copy protection info

Hello there, been reading up on the whole Gamecube copying issue and I think I might be of a weeeeee little help. That is if the people would use search first :doh:

As most of the regular users know it’s (as of right now) impossible to just plop the disc into your DVD drive on your computer and try to copy it that way.

Reasons that I understand so far is that that:

  1. the disc has been encoded strangely to screw around with the sectors (from what I can understand this isn’t the hard part, please correct me if i’m wrong)
  2. There is a barcode that partially overlaps the lead-in of the data on the disc. This is called BCA: (Burst Cutting Area - Optional annular area on a DVD disc near lead-in containing low reflectance radial stripes of encoded content provider information.) Here is an image of the BCA bar on a GC disc. This disc in particular is NFS: Underground

As you can see I’ve marked the ends of the BCA barcode.
This is the main reason that the gamecube itself is used as an “external” drive to read these discs. No I don’t think it’s appropriate to point out sources to this information when you can search for it :iagree:

I hope this can help ppl out, and I also would appreciate any comments