Game support section?



Hey all,
Im sure this may have been asked before but; what about a new section for game support? Most of posts for this gets mixed into copy proection and general software section. It would be use for Q’s like; Like this x prob with x game, can any1 help? We would obviously no use this section for things that the forum rules disallow. So how about?



By “support”, you mean like “my game wont install” or like “I am stuck on leval 7, how do I get out of this room” support.

Ben :slight_smile:


Sorry I sould have worded that better. In support I mean installation probs, Bug Q’s and pos mods. I dont mean “where can I find cheats for game x” or “How do I do this”.



Oh ok, I understand now.

Ben :slight_smile:


It’s a good idea, i’ve often thought about this myself.


Tax whats your view on this?



:iagree: I think that this is a good idea :iagree:


What if we had a forum about games and movies in general? I assume many of you also play and watch the games/movies you backup so it might be nice to discuss new movies and games in general with your friends over here…


Would it include help for say, if you where stuck at a part of a game?
At the moment most movie talk takes place in the living room.

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I was gonna say something similar when I saw this thread.


same here


Bump… Tax thorts?



In the end I’m the final decision maker (but the entire team is usally involved in every decision) so I’ll make my last comment on it for now. Currently I have proposed to add a forum that also covers the subjects as you mentioned it. Expect to read more about it the coming month.


I look forward to seeing it :slight_smile:


Ah DoMiN8ToR thanks very much :slight_smile:



Sounds good, looking forward to it.


Its here! :iagree:

Thanks DoMi :bow: