Game publishers take piracy fight to downloaders



I just posted the article Game publishers take piracy fight to downloaders.

A few days after announcing that a British woman has to pay £16,000 in restitution to TopWare Interactive for illegally uploading a copy of a 3D pinball game, Atari, Reality Pump, Techland and…

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These game companies are stupid. If the numbers are true (doubtful, since if they really knew how many downloads were taking place they’d also know who was doing it and we all know that they don’t have that kind of access, so the claim is questionable) then they aught to ask themselves why only 800 people paid but 15 times as many were willing to download it. Hmmm, maybe the price was right for downloading? Instead of wasting effort attempting to stop the downloaders, they should try making a game worth buying, at a price that makes it less appealing to download. If the game were available for $50 and only 800 people thought it was worth it, but at $10 even if only half of the downloaders thought it was worth it, then they’d make 50% more money at the $10 price. Then they could stop wasting money on lawyers and useless copy protection schemes. That would probably help the bottom line a lot more than a few fines.


Umm how are they getting the home addresses? Is there an ISP out there that’s handing over the info without a warrant? WTF?


“The law firm has already successfully acquired the home addresses of 5,000 suspected file sharers”

Hmm … I wonder what proportion of these “suspected” file sharers are grandmas, dead people and users with open wifi connections ? If they can’t actually be 100% certain who is sharing what content then how can these bastards be trusted ? Smells of a witchhunt to me.


Gee … only 13000 people wanted the game. It must have really sucked :stuck_out_tongue:


“The law firm has already successfully acquired the home addresses of 5,000 suspected file sharers”

So if there’s a knock at the door, I shouldn’t answer it?
At any rate, Crysis Warhead should be available on the torrent sites soon. Can’t wait.