Game Over for Sega?



I just posted the article Game Over for Sega?.


The Asian Wall Street Journal says sega is quitting the console bizz forever…

Sometimes, there just aren’t enough game controllers to go around. The Asian Wall Street Journal…

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HOAX! I don’t believe it!


DC is een perfecte Machine waar nog dagelijks nog games voor uitkomen …
alleen de marketing in nl is erg slecht geweest…


Totally agree, the DC is still the nr.1 console around. Even the PS2 isn’t better. Just play Tekken Tag on PS2 and DOA2 on DC, you’ll see what I mean.

Indeed poor marketing on the part of SEGA, and yeah IT’S A HOAX!!!


I don’t know that sure if it’s a hoax…
I have seen several times about an quiet retreval of Sega, I’ve read that they won’t develop any new consoles nor addons for the dreamcast… But then again, I don’t know if this is true…


I dont know if its true or not that they will quit but I know for a fact that they have been losing money the past 4 years and the majority of it has gone to research…


Maybe they bought to many PSX’s and PS2’s to see what makes ém tick!!


hey hijglander, i thought DOA2 was out on PS2… and it looks the same!


check the source … Hmzz only the name of the site tell’s me not to belive it


I believe the article. I live in Japan and see that the DC games and consoles aren’t selling. When you goto a video game store here you’ll see that the DC section is so small compaired the PSX section. DC was never was really big here from the begining. Seems to me that they’re finally doing the right thing, making games as a third party for other consoles like how they recently announced that they’ll be making games for the Game Boy. I know that most of you know that the consoles itself isn’t what makes the money in this business, it’s the software. So why didn’t Sega just make softwares from the begining? It’s because they wanted a monopoly like Microsoft. They are indeed the most dominant company in the arcade business in Japan and they wanted to be the same with the console market. But … they failed.