Game Over for AMD...?

Intel has started shipping Yonah processors that cost less than US$100 to some notebook computer manufacturers in June according to

New Intel CPUs for entry-level notebooks attract international makers

Intel started offering a series of CPUs in June that are not on its roadmap with aggressive pricing for international notebook makers, according to sources.

Intel began supplying its [B]T2250[/B] and [B]T2050[/B] CPUs for first-tier notebook makers in June, with the processors having similar performance to that of the Core Duo T2300 but priced at around US$100, around the same price as Celeron-M processors, industry sources said. Some makers are even getting quotes at 70% of the original pricing, according to several China-based PC testing websites.

The clock speed and front side bus (FSB) of the T2250 (1.73GHz, FSB 553MHz) and T2050 (1.6GHz, FSB 553MHz) are similar to the 1.66GHz/667MHz of the entry-level series of Intel’s existing T2300 and T2300E lines, which are priced at US$209, sources said.

Clients, including Hewlett-Packard (HP), Acer, Dell and Asustek, started adopting the CPUs in notebooks which have been on the market since June, with the products being aggressively promoted in key markets such as China and Europe, the sources indicated.

Although international notebook makers are willing to cooperate with Intel in its aggressive moves against AMD since the newly released CPUs provide a better price/performance ratio, the notebook market may be negatively impacted in the future if notebook makers find it difficult to keep pace with new marketing strategies from Intel and AMD, the sources noted.

Intel has been pressured by AMD’s moves in the mobile CPU market. AMD now sees 40% of its overall product line up occupied by its high-end mobile Turion series, more than the 15-20% estimated by the company originally, the sources said.

As part of its aggressive strategy, Intel has shortened its plan of record from 18 months to only 12 months now, the sources noted.

Turion vs. Yonah

Anandtech Woodcrest

Only Woodcrest 5130 seems to be shipping as of yet among the cheaper versions. 5110 seems to offer best performance per price.

this article is one of the best I have ever read

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nice review, especially the video encoding(my interest)
after the price adjusting should be interesting to see who wins,

the consumer will be the big winner

Competition is good for us, results in lower prices. I have bought AMD for several years now, ever since they started producing a competitive processor. I like to support the underdog, and stick it to the man :slight_smile:


I copied the picture from which had copied its file on a Mac website. The “rumor” says some of Apple’s next-generation computers will be based on Core 2 Woodcrest Xeon processors.