Game movie lag on burned ps2 DVD game

Hi to all

I burned a game sucessfully but the movies are lag why?

Software: iso burn
Game: Silent Hill 2


media type?
speed burnt?

I burned it max speed.
What did you mean by media type?
How can you know the media file type in Ps2 games?

He means the media brand that you’ve used for burning.

Ah ok…I used ISOBURN Version 1.6
Sorry only a noob :slight_smile:

i too have had this prob recentley i used alcohol 120 4x and used datawrite titanium dvd-r 16x the game wors fine till a particulary long unskippable scnene and it freezes, what is viewed as the best software, im also using a liteon 8125 but have updated with advice on the forum to a 8325 etc

Use dvddecrypter in iso mode with quality media.

ive tried that but for some weird reason even tho it says its burning when its don nothings on the dvd

I have read that for best ps2 playback you should burn at 1x. As for media type, i mean what make is the disk you are using. Cheap ones usually have poor quality control and usually mess up.

At 1x? :eek:
No problems with TY at 8x.

r TDK dvd-r s fine