Game makers sue pirate sites

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Game makers sue pirate sites

SAN FRANCISCO (Bloomberg) - Thirteen computer and video game
companies - including Sony Corp. and Nintendo Co. - are…

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and then the fairy cames and blow out the candle!!!

-= lives a bitch so fuck her hard!!! =-

The moral of this story:

Don’t tell your friends and family what you’re doing in the basement so late at night

any ps games for $5.oo, anywhere, out in the streets-thousands of units. and what do they do? nothing. THIRD WORLD RULES!!!

i totally agree…
in real life there’s no risk on walking around with a bag full of illegal copies wich look real (front, back, label, etc) and selling them really cheap, and on the internet they try to nail those guys… appearently they don’t know the real world. grow up.