Game looks like movie dvd for burning software


Hello, I have here a minimum ten years old orginal Game in Germany Named “Reprobates - Insel der Verdammten”. I dont know if an englisch Version like Island of the damned or something exist.

The Game act an DVD-Movie in Copy Programs. It say DVD-Video.

The DVd disc begin to get “dull” "fog-gy, or “mist” misty, like some little pieces of orginal DVD Movies can get… I have here an Movie Spiderman 2 with tobey maguire? Region Code 2 Pal and the Fast and furiours Chapter 1 (Region Code 2 Pal) here with the same dusk, fog or what ever… Some of these discs are still readable some have problems in some drives.

So the problem is
i cant make a backup from these game because of Movie Protection… anyone can help me please?


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Sorry for the late reply.
Please have a look at this thread which explains how to handle that protection: