Game Jackal Pro 3 Review: Third Times A Charm

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Game Jackal has been designed to do away with the need for both disks and virtual drives in order to play your disks.

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I use this software on my HTPC to play games and it is really, really a great product. Anyone can play a game without futzing around looking for the CD. Also, I don’t think it could be any easier to use and as Womble says, the nice thing (like AnyDVD) you forget it is even there since it is so transparent. :slight_smile:

It’s not supporting the latest versions of securom, safedisc and there’s no support for tages, starfoce, etc… It’s nice for the working titles but it gets blacklisted like any other software (alcohol/dtools, virtual cd) using an emulation method for the copy protection which makes you able playing the game you want without the disc.
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Damn is Starforce still around? I thought they got run off by angry gamers and various game boycotts. Too bad, that is a nasty protection and I don’t want any product on my computer that carries it.

Lately I don’t find any protections anymore at all on my discs, so I have the idea that protections are getting less and less important?

Well instead of putting protection on the dics it looks like many game devs are going the Steam route. I.E. requiring online activation. So copy the disc becomes rather a moot point.