Game Jackal is no more!



I just posted the article Game Jackal is no more!.

Sentinel and Womble have both let us know that Game Jackal has taken down its website, with nothing more than this message shown:
We regretfully announce that due to circumstances beyond our…

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damn, that piece of software DID look very nice! a pretty good idea shot down… :frowning:


Very very sad. Bought my license in late december when i reinstalled the kids machine. It works like a charm with allmost all their games. I am a very happy user. Sorry to see it go.


Does this mean then the software becomes part of the public domain and that I can download and use it for free? Not that I care about doing so all that much anyway but it would be interesting to find out. Only game I play lately is Warcraft 3 so leaving the CD in isnt a big deal.


Well, there’s always Daemon Tools, but then everyone says it’s bloatware now.


I think the company owes those of us who bought licenses some sort of explanation.


Just so you know, GameJackal isn’t ‘dead’. It’s just in the process of being transferred to a new company, apparently SlySoft. It’s going around that GameJackal will be back up soon. Check the GameJackal forums ( ) for more info. :slight_smile: