Game Jackal 2: The Second Coming



I just posted the article Game Jackal 2: The Second Coming.

GameJackal has been designed to do away with the need for both disks and virtual drives in order to play your disks. It creates a small profile of the game that you want to play and then uses that to launch the game without the CD being in the drive.

Version 1 of this program gained a lot of admirers but it was limited in as much as that it couldn’t do the latest copy protections that were available at the time. However the team have been hard at work and have now launched version 2. This has been designed to work with the latest SecuROM and SafeDisc versions as well as many of the other used protections.

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nice work Womble!


On page 7 you have 2 contradictory pieces of info: first - “It has also been stated by the developers that they are working on Tages and StarForce” then the answer to your first developers’ question indicates otherwise - “We do not target specific copy protections…” So, which is the case? Otherwise good work, certainly looks like an interesting program.


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