I’ve used some scaner for protections, also Prot_Version. :confused: And i couldn’t find the protection of “IMPERIVM - The war of the Gaul” (in Spanish IMPERIVM - La guerra de las Galias). I’ve made a “word to word” translation, so i don’t know if the “The war of the Gaul” is the same name as other countries. I think it has laserlok, for the great ring, and also because is one of the latest games of “FX interactive” if an strategic game, like Empire earth. After more than 2 hours of dumping process with CCD, the image doesn’t work…
Another Game called “RING II” are two CDs, no RINGS, and i couldn’t find the protection too… :confused:
Anyone know about this games and their protection please? :bow: :bow:


Ah, yes, i used Prot_version after install.

Hi Iluro :slight_smile:

I haven’t got “Imperium”, but I can tell you that “Ring II” spanish version has the :Z Securom New 4 83 55 0001 version and then you are in a trouble to make a 1:1 copy… but fortunately you know there are another ways :stuck_out_tongue: (thank you Blackcheck, thank you Alcohol :wink: )

You have to run Prot_Version on the 2nd CD (autorun.exe) and you’ll see :cool:

Good luck (y un abrazo :smiley: )

Ah, ok guy… i’ve installed only first CD and i know that isn’t SRNew in this first CD because i’ve installed without trouble, everytime i’ll try to install SRN in my WinXP (with ntfs in primary partition) i cannot install well… ORIGINAL CD!!!
So… i’ve to bakup first CD without any special profile and second with SRN, no??

Thanks!! (Gracias y tres abrazos si hace falta!!) :smiley:


Hi again :slight_smile:

I’m sorry, the first CD is o.k. but when you try to clone the second you only will have a coaster. At this moment, only using the very mentioned program “twinpeak” you could do a working copy. But we’ll have to wait a little 'til BlackCheck finished his last version… :wink:

There is a by-pass way to have a copy. To do this, you should try this proggy: Alcohol 120% (look at those banners all around). Now you can make an image .mds that mounted into the virtual drive of Alcohol will run without any problem. :bigsmile:

Good luck (De res i quatre abrassades :p)

ok, i will do that… ask for the other protection please… knowing this, i can make my bakup :slight_smile:

Thanks again (sóc el que ha traduit el A120% al català , sé on trobarlo :o merci d 9)

I´ve done a working copy of Imperium, it´s laserlock, it took me about 20 minutes to read with toshiba 1502, just use the laserlock profil.

Good luck (cinc abrassades :slight_smile: )

Ok, i thought it, but usually Clony/Scout informs about Laserlock…

For me took me more than 2 hours with A120% and CCD (i cancelled… too many time and i don’t know how more i would need), and BWSuite less but image doesn’t work… This evening i will make the bakup with CCD… .all night dumping!! :slight_smile:

thank you!!!

(Semblem teletubbies ¬¬):eek: