Game Engines and Tools for budding Game Designers



Hi Guys, when I wanted to start making my own games and mods, it literally took me months to find FREE no strings attached alternatives to what was available in engines, animation and artwork. So I have decided to make it easy on you (the wannabe game designer) and post here what I have found. Most stuff is pretty basic I know but it does the job and does it well.

A good place to start is

First the 3D Game engines:
Irrlicht Engine
Scrolling Game Development Kit <2d game editor/designer

And of course there is the source of Quake, Quake2 and quake3A 1.27g game source at idsoftware

Each of the above sites contains tutorials for beginners. :slight_smile:

2D & 3D Software
gameSpace Light
Gmax < Has limitations on file saving but easily bypassed with a few export scripts.
3D Canvas
Ultimate Paint
Project Dogwaffle
Complete list here

Sound effects and music

Music Software

Oh nearly forgot, For compiling Dev-C++ is the go, I use it over M$ Visual C++

Hope this info helps you on your way, There is a lot more but I can’t do all the work for you ;). If anyone knows of more preferrably FREE stuff please add to this list thanks.


Please someone sticky this. I wrote some mods a year ago and it took forever. This will help people alot


Seeing as this forum has no moderators I will acknowledge your wish :slight_smile:


Thanks Airhead :bow: i was hoping it would get stickied.

As for more engines, If you don’t mind paying out a bit of cash then there’s always Blitz3D or Darkbasic


Yes Blitz3D is very good engine! My mate used to code all of his games in it and it productes very good games.



wat so this would allow me to create my own games
like wat types???


Check out the main CDFreaks page. Microsoft has something it hopes will get people to create games for them, then reap the profits from it of course! :eek:

Feel free to weigh in! :iagree:


Yes i would like to thanks Slayer King of the Universe for this awesome thread!!! Ive never been able to find a site as helpful as this. Ive been looking for a 3d engine i could use on the side that i didn’t have to pay out cash for and thx to you I have one. You are my hero bows to slayer