Game emulation problem

Hi all,

I’m new here, just discovered the forums and I already have a question for you.

The thing is, a while ago my CD of C&C Zero Hour got busted in my drive…splintered. (I thank EA for their crappy boxes that make your CDs go bust)

I’ve already e-mail customer support of EA and they tell me to mail them the CD + the ticket that confirms I bought it to them. One little problem, The CD was vacuum cleaned out of my drive a long time ago and who keeps those tickets anyway?

Now, I hoped to be able to use a No-CD patch, no luck, cause then I cannot update and therefore am unable to play online.

So, I decided to download C&C zero hour, and maybe mount it with daemon tools…Installation, no problem, but when I try to startup the game, it still gives me the error “Please insert the correct disk”

Has anyone of you have a solution for this? I used a .bin and a .cue to mount it.

(by the way, i do own a LEGAL key!!!)

Kind regards,

Hi 0n3Liner and welcome to the forums,

Unfortunately we don’t allow talk about No-CD patches or downloading games.


Ok then, sorry for posting!