Game Drive 9.0 issues

I’ve been attempting to create a backup virtual image of a game (Star Wars: Battlefront) using GameDrive 9.0. The image is copied successfully, and it inserts into a virtual drive as it should, but when I attempt to run the program from the virtual drive it never loads beyond the opening screen. I know that the game uses data from all 3 disks that were used to install it, but I don’t know how to tell the virtual drive to read the data from the other 2 disks. I have made images of all 3 disks, but as only one at a time can be inserted into a virtual drive, my problem hasn’t been fixed. Anyone know what I can do?

P.S. I tried the same thing with Alcohol 120% and came out with the same result, the game won’t load beyond the opening screen.

If you would play the game the normal way, which disc would the game require to stay in the drive?

The first disk is required to play the game the normal way.

you could to a full instal using three images.
first mount the first image and run the setup
after the copying of the first disc is completed, unmount the first and mount the 2nd
continue to do this with the 3rd.
then mount the first again and try to run the game

Thx for the idea, unfortunately it didn’t solve the problem. I was able to successfully reinstall the game from the virtual drive, but the game still will not load beyond the opening screen.

Smummel, when you make the image you will have to choose the option: Other Protected CD Type. Then I believe you choose the SecuROM option. The CD is copy protected and these options will allow the image to be used. I have the same game and had the same trouble. If SecuROM doesn’t work then try the other choice. It’s been so long since I loaded it that I can’t remember the exact one. Good luck and feel free to ask any more questions.

Thanx for the input roguetzo, I tried both additional options as you suggested and neither of them work still. Every other game I create an image of works, so I’m pretty sure I’m not doing anything wrong. Occaisionally when I try to load the game it gives me a pop-up message that says something about problems with securom, see the website for details. Any more ideas?